Skills, Dispositions, Insights, and Obstacles Reflection

After recalling moments in this semester, I saw that I made a large improvement regarding my academic status. I learned new skills that will affect my capability to learn in the future, grew my dispositions into extended them  into ways that are secured and received insight as well. But the most important thing that I can reflect on were my obstacles and how they are affecting me to this day, and how I will have to overcome them if I want to pursue this education.

To start, I came into this class knowing that it would be a challenge. But, I didn’t know that I would have a professor like Dr. Hale who challenged my thoughts and thinking into examining not only scrapping the surface but looking at other perspectives of ideas. A disposition that helped me out tremendously was starting. Starting was a key role into my success because the start is what sometime stops me. It was a catalyst into my decision making, it got my thoughts pouring out into the right direction and I am very grateful for that.

Some skills that I attained were looking deeper into the bigger picture and not always settling. Or being content. For example, my Inquiry Project I pose a difficult question and I always wanted to explore a hard question. In high school I would find the easy way out of a research paper, but this time I wanted to challenge myself. Another skill was the ability to work with my peers. The peers I was fortunate to work with helped me in more ways then I could have asked for. During studious arguments, it was a thrill to go back and forth with them. It gave me a reason to thinking critical.

The insights portion wasn’t necessarily a huge factor for me this semester. I like going into classes blindly, with no prior knowledge because it gets me excited. The return of learning something that you thought was never going to exist gave me inspiration. To further my knowledge and understand more complex issues. But with that being said, I did receive many obstacles.

I don’t always like to admit that I stumbled over obstacles but I did. And at this point I’m not afraid to expose them. Starting with wrapping my head around the ¬†concept that what I think should be true, is not always true. I’m a hard headed person, and when people challenge my thoughts I tend to be dismissive and do not take them into account. But after having conversations with my peers and asking them questions regarding their ideas, I came to a better understanding of perspective. It was always a good thing to take other peoples opinions because they matter. They simply matter based on the fact that, people from different cultures and backgrounds of life can benefit me. The ability to take away a certain part of their life and how they see it can, will ultimately help me grow as a person. Because if I were to ever be put into a situation that poses conflicting thoughts, I know how to overcome that obstacle and make it into a positive impact.

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