Portfolio Assignment (112)

My expectations for UNIV 200 are quite the same that I had for UNIV 111 and 112, but more of it. The past two semesters both classes returned to me exactly what I thought the class would be like. And that being many reading assignments using the book we have, and constant writing. These two classes help me developed and come to a conclusion of what I expect UNIV 200 to be like. Which are more reading and writing and a way to fully comprehend all assignments.

I think what helps me prepare for UNIV 200 the most, as I collected from these past two semesters have to be diligence to get all my work down and the ability to express all my ideas with words. I had a hard time in the beginning of the fall semester on how to clearly write what I was trying to convey. And I feel that that will carry over into the next class of English studies I will encounter. Which is one trait that I cherish deeply because I love to write and have other people read my writing. For example, I had an essay revolving the idea that technology has given us a gift to succeed and let us evolve as a society into the digital world. Nowadays everything is technology and technology gave us a choice to either respect its capability or misuse it. I stated in my paper that society isn’t ready to take on the adventure of exploring new technology, because we feel that we need it to succeed. Which gave me extreme difficulty because how I can I show that it’s true, when technology does indeed run the world. After I had all my research, what helped me out the most was composing an outline and from there I went right into writing my paper. And the paper turned out to be one of the best papers I have written in my education career.

Some important sites that my future instructor should see and read is the Unit 1 Essay (UNIV 111) and Unit 3 Essay (UNIV 112), because I want to show my growth. I want them to examine how much my writing has improved. Whether that being my thesis statement and how much I clearly defined my conveying statement and how I supported that topic. Lastly when they do indeed read my papers I would want them to see how organized my paper is from the first one I turned in, to the last.

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