Unit 1 Essay Reflection (UNIV 112)

Radioactive presented many ideas and aspects to create questions around. Creating questions, my group made sure that it could be answered in multiple paragraphs and that it promoted my classmates to dig deep into the book. Meaning that the students had to analyze the book, rather than summarizing the book. The questions we made up did exactly that, looking over other questions on the exam, I feel that our questions were more along the lines of analyzing and not summarizing.

Once the questions were created and turned in, I then turned my focus onto preparing for the exam. I put most of my effort into understanding the factional information in the book, then began to analyze it. In class, during the presentations I saw that I was focusing more on basically the information that was given as I read. I didn’t analyze enough into the book, and suffered when I was giving my presentation. I then went back to the book and started to understand all aspects. Whether it was the colors of the pages, how the author describe certain events, or how events added up into the larger picture of the book. This left me extremely prepared for the exam, I just needed the perfect question that I could elaborate up to my full potential on.

Picking my question, I needed a question that would allow me to write to my full capacity regarding the book. As I said I was prepared for the exam and the question needed to be one that I was comfortable with. I picked the question along the lines of “Is the study of science unstable?” At first I didn’t fully understand what the question was asking. Was it asking was science unstable in the time period of Marie Currie? Or in the present? I chose to write about the time period of Marie Curie, because there are many examples in the book on how the study of Marie discovering radioactivity. I think I did well in answering this question, I elaborated most of my writing on the cause and effect on the discovery. The cause was the discovery and the effect was Marie slowly dying each and every time she grew closer and closer to radioactivity.

I felt very confident in the question that I chose, and now I just needed to answer it. As I previously expressed I focus most of my writing on the cause and effect of radioactivity regarding Marie Curie. The question didn’t really ask was the study of science unstable with Marie Curie, but I felt as if she was the catalyst in how I can answer the question. There are other examples in the book that I could extract from, but I couldn’t pass up on how the unstable processes Marie endured not to be elaborated about. When I started to write, I felt that it went smoothly and I was overwhelmed with information that I talked about. In result the answering of the question to my full potential left me very happy with how I wrote my essay.

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