Welcome to The Decision Neuroscience Lab at VCU!

Who We Are:

Located between the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses, we are a VCU-affiliated lab that studies the brain by asking questions, playing games, and using MRI.

Led by Dr. James Bjork, our various studies aim to help understand how the brain works when a person has to make decisions, like to choose one reward over another, or whether to try to get a reward when it is risky. Our studies also look at how people control their behavior using simple computer games, and we hope to learn whether how people respond to incentives and risks and make choices has something to do with use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other lived experiences. To do this, our studies ask research participants to do special tasks on a computer with eye-tracking in addition to interviews and questionnaires. Some studies also include an MRI brain scan.

Our Mission:

While placing a high value on participant engagement and respect, we work with the community in order to increase our understanding of substance use risk factors and their long-term effects on the brain and behavior. We aim to contribute literature impulsivity and reward-seeking behaviors that will be used in the future to increase our understand of and produce more effective treatment interventions and patient outcomes for high-risk and clinical populations.

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