OLE Review

Prepare to re-think your pedagogy!!

As a scientist I had no formal training in pedagogy prior to the OLE. There were a lot of things I thought I was doing right that I now have to re-think. I’m also having mild existential crisis over my course goals and whether I am truly fostering learning, or just information regurgitation. At the same time, I’m not sure if information regurgitation is necessarily a bad thing since there are so many new concepts and vocabulary words students seeking a career in biology or medicine are required to know. It’s like if sage-on-a-stage and guide-on-the-side got into a fight.

Does a hard exam really foster more learning? If students fail at an assignment was it really a bad assignment? Or was it a good one because they can learn from it?

If I could take this course over again I would want to spend more time reviewing posts from other people and see how they are using technology. I did like hypothes.is and think it would have a lot of uses for exposing students to other media, but still allowing me to explain what they should get out of this other media (like pictures of bacteria on flickr)

I definitely learned how to do some pretty amazing on-line content creation, and without OLE’s recurring deadlines I would not have progressed along such a steep learning curve. Deadlines and I are definitely “frienemies” in a love-hate relationship.

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  1. Joe, we don’t *try* to trigger existential crises but we’re glad OLE prompts some thought about pedagogy–whatever you end up deciding! I appreciate your serious consideration of these issues…and the humor you bring to it.

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