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Week 15: Final Project Overview

Learning Objective: Students will be able to design effective instructional units utilizing digital resources (ie.databases, digital media, and digital tools) to improve student learning outcomes, promote collaboration, and enhance learning opportunities. In order to complete this activity, students should have… Continue Reading →

Week 14: An Argument for Digital Learning

“Why should, and how can, teachers help K-12 students access and assess quality digital content?” It has become a major talking point when discussing education in the next few years: what will our classroom connection to digital learning look like… Continue Reading →

Week 11: Appearances are Deceiving

Access this week’s virtual lesson by joining my classroom at and completing the 11/1/2020 Daily Assignment. Digital literacy and identity formation are important considerations in the ELA classroom. My assignment was created for a class of 9th-graders and could… Continue Reading →

Week 10: All the Right Friends in All The Right Places

  Step 1: What is a PLN? I was excited to learn about how PLNs can invigorate and diversify one’s teaching. I especially appreciate how these networks can allow students to connect with other students in a very Marshall McLuhan’s… Continue Reading →

Week 9: Group Work and Revisons Group 3 Team Members: Joshua, Tyler, Lesley & Rachel How was the experience of critiquing another lesson? How was working virtually in a group? What was it like to recreate a lesson? While group work can be difficult to… Continue Reading →

Week 8: Google Site and Learning Activities

Good Morning my esteemed colleagues! Press here to access my Google Site, titled Jo’s Study Center. This site is laid out to assist you in accessing the two learning activities supported there. In theory, this structure would be most helpful… Continue Reading →

Week 7 too: Another Virtual Lesson w/ Assessment

In order to complete this assessment, join my Google Classroom at and complete the 10/1/2020 labeled assignment.

Week 7: Options for Technology-Rich Assessment

SOL English 9.4 e) Analyze the cultural or social function of a literary text. Learning Objective #1: When given a quote and a brief explanation of its background, SWBAT Technology: Description: Learning Objective #2: SWBAT Technology: Description: SOL 9.

Week 6: Technology-Rich Assessments

In order to complete this assessment, join my Google Classroom at and complete the 9/24/2020 labeled check-in. the SOL you are addressing 9.8 c)¬†Evaluate and select evidence from a variety of sources to support claims and introduce counterclaims. The… Continue Reading →

Week 5 too: Technology-Informed Assessment

“One of the major focuses of this reading is the areas in which technology can make the assessments we give in the classroom better. Look back at that section and choose one of the areas to address. Then, briefly summarize… Continue Reading →

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