Critical Response of The City and The City

After reading The City and The City by China Mieville, I have mixed emotions. I loved the detective and mystery aspects of the book because I want to pursue a detective career. The mystery aspects of this book gives me a feeling of interest in order to keep reading the book. I enjoyed the different characters and the roles that they played on the suspense aspects of the book. I also loved the originality of this book! I have never read a book like this one. A book where two cities are separate but they are really one. A larger issue China Mieville could possibly be talking about is how different races interact or how they do not interact with each other. This reminds me of African-Americans and Caucasians. Some of us are separated completely from one another. We act like we do not see the other race or completely disregard their emotions and feelings toward a certain matter when really we should all be treating each other equally. But, I say all this to say that in the book Beszel and Ul Qoma were separated but they were basically one city with people that changed their names. Another thing that interests me about this text are the different types of names and the spelling of them. For example, Mikyael Khurusch (the van owner) and Yorjavic. I wonder where China Mieville got these names from. Another larger question or issue that China Mieville could be trying to address is it is harder to get along with someone that is just like you. For example, these two cities don’t really mix well with one another and they act like the other really does not exist. I wish I could have a conversation with the author in order to see his perspective about these two cities and the message he was trying to send to other readers through creating this novel. I also enjoyed how this book was unexpected. You never saw anything coming, from beginning to end. With Mieville writing this book, he caused me to not only become engaged in a text but also think about the reasoning behind why certain events took place. For example, like how did the two cities become separate in the first place? Books like this fully engages the reader and makes room for an open mind to make different inferences and draw different conclusions.

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