Motivation and Perseverance-Week of 2/11

How many times have you made a New Years resolution and actually stuck with it throughout the whole year? Probably not a lot. But, that is okay. I am guilty of it as well, making resolutions like “I’m going to get fit this year” “I’m going to stop cursing” “I’m going to stop procrastinating” and the list goes on and on. I think sometimes we can get so consumed with setting a goal and not actually mapping out how we are going to achieve it, and what we must do in order to avoid distractions along the way. The issue is not setting a goal but the fault is that we lose motivation in reaching success. No matter what comes our way, we must have motivation and perseverance. Motivation is your intent, purpose, or drive in acting or behaving a certain way in order to reach a goal. Perseverance is the determination to keep going in reaching your goals no matter what comes your way. Some ways to stick with your original plan and not lose motivation include but are not limited to:

Make a schedule. Usually when you write things down and make a checklist, you tend to focus on those things more than if it was just in your head. And as you reach those goals, check them off. This way you will see what you have accomplished and this will also motivate you further to keep going by looking at what you have actually accomplished.
Remind yourself of why you want to complete this goal and go for it! Put steps into place in order to reach your goal.
Imagine how happy and joyous you would be if you were to reach your goal tomorrow. Think of this everyday and push yourself forward.
Have an accountability partner. When you find someone you can trust to keep you on track, or someone that you can achieve that goal with, there is a higher chance that you will reach that goal
Find joy in the trials and tribulations you may face along the way. Always look at the glass as half-full not half-empty. Remind yourself that there would not be true victories without obstacles in the road.
Have the right, persistent mindset
Take small steps, reward yourself with each progress step that you take. Never force too much at once because you will probably burn yourself out.
Practice some relaxation tips and destress methods for bed (taking deep breaths, stretching, exercising, etc).

3 Replies to “Motivation and Perseverance-Week of 2/11”

  1. I feel as if it is more difficult than ever to achieve the goals that we set out for ourselves. We are all learning time management skills as well as what material we need to be focused on for our major and it can throw us off track for what we want to truly focus on improving ourselves. We have restricted time but more motivation to get things done as opposed to high school where it was likely the opposite. Life is not perfect either, so unexpected traumas may arise that can affect how we deal with our tasks and responsibilities and can throw us off tack the easiest. The most important thing is to keep pushing through and sticking to it as best we can.

  2. I can definitely relate to this blog especially when it came to fall semester. My friends and I used to talk about how we were going to be focused on school work, and getting the 4.0 gpa. Well little did we know the transition from high school to college was going to be as drastic as it was. It went from parents to no parents to being a broke college student. I started procrastinating with my work and I had a lack of motivation due to a lot of the things that went on in my personal life but that changed once I met my friends. My motivation came back and I started to strive to get the grades that I wanted. I believe that having motivation and perseverance is the true key to success in college. I love the tips you give as well many people don’t know where it starts to get to that level of being so motivated that you don’t get distracted I think these are good ways to start that trend.

  3. One reason why I think people don’t achieve the goals they set are because they aren’t realist goals. People think change comes within a day but that’s not the case. Setting goals is a processes and needs to be palled out. For someone to actually set a goal and think it will work they need to is set up a schedule for the goal to work or whatever they are trying to achieve. I just believe that if someone wants something bad enough they will find a way to do it.

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