The Negative Effects of Technology

Despite many positive effects of technology, there are also negative effects to technology. Technology has issues involved that causes people to be malicious and have a lack of compassion towards others because a lot of people in today’s world tend to laugh at others pain and suffering without any sympathy. This causes people to put up a front and hide their emotions because they feel as if no one will care to help them. Technology also causes people to have low self-esteem and along with that technology used as a tool and being misused has abused a lot of people and a lot of people have lost their lives behind technology. For example, there are many adolescents who are constantly on social media comparing themselves to others saying, “I wish I had the money to afford that Gucci or Versace belt he is wearing,” “I wish I could be light-skinned because lighter skin is prettier than dark skin.” and/or “I wish I had as many followers as they do.” When teenagers say things like this, it causes them to have a false sense of hope as if the people with “money” and “followers” that they see on social media have better lives than they do when they can be just as unhappy as they are. However, the pictures you see on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter hides the pain they may be experiencing.
The increase in technology has caused a division in relationships. This is a prime example of what is causing people to have a lack of communication skills. Adolescents especially lack communication skills because they are so consumed with their electronic devices that they prefer communication through text or having a conversation over the phone rather than having a conversation face-to-face. This creates a problem in job interviews; people are becoming more comfortable with communicating through the phone, it is challenging for them to sit through an interview without feeling the urge to reach for their phone and check their notifications. A big component that I think the younger generation is missing is communication skills because when they communicate via social media or with the tools they use, you really can’t get a sense of who the person is, and they give you a false sense of who they are. Another issue that derives from a lack of communication skills within the younger generation is a lack of attentiveness and focus. For example, a student could be having a serious conversation with their friend on FaceTime and their friend will miss key information because they are doing other things on their phone then, the person will constantly ask “Are you listening?”, “Are you still there?” and the other person will respond by saying “Wait, huh? What did you say? I was doing something, I’m sorry.” It is imperative that we, as a people resemble acts of compassion to maintain relationships.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog and can relate to it a lot. People allow what they see online to really affect them negatively. Society today allows people to attack others online and those people end up being hurt at the end. I also agree with what you said about communication. There is so much technology around that we get caught up and can’t stay in the moment for even a small period of time. We can not stop scrolling through social media to listen to what people have to say and honestly I think it is kind of sad.

  2. Yes I completely agree with you here. I have noticed this a lot when I’m hanging out with friends, that we’ll all be on our phones instead of talking to each other. This makes me kind of sad because I love my friends and when we’re talking to each other, we have some of the best conversations. But the influence of technology and the need to constantly have content in front of us makes us not want to actually sit down and talk to people, even our friends and family. I know so many people who can’t even talk to an adult without having their phones out, they have no idea how to make conversation with a person without their phones and it makes me kind of sad. Because of technology, we are losing the human connection with each other, even though we know everything about another person’s life because of social media.

  3. I believe the positives of technology outweigh the negatives. But, I agree with what you said, people tend to lean on technology too much and forget how to do some things without it. Most of it has to do with social media, which tends to control a lot of peoples decisions and the way they act.

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