Transfer Student?

So this weekend I went to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I went there for their Open House. I have been thinking about transferring for quite some time now. I like VCU but I do not feel as connected as I should be to this school. It was very fun and interesting. I was picked up from school on Friday and I drove to Greensboro. I was kind of getting irritated while driving because my dad was sitting next to me (which I wanted him to) and my mother was sitting in the back because sometimes she gets nervous. Anyways so I’m driving and she’s like “Watch out for this!” “Whoo Whoo, slow down!!” And in my mind I’m like “Ma, calm down. I got this”. I was just getting irritated because she said she was going to sit in the back and go to sleep but as soon as I get into the driver’s seat, she’s wide awake and giving her input which was the same thing my dad was doing so I didn’t need a re-iterator. But, my mother is my girl/my best friend so I know all of the stuff that she does it is all out of love. On Saturday morning, we all woke up early and drove to NCAT. I absolutely loved the school. I like how the campus is more contained and the atmosphere is better for me, personally. But one thing I can say about both VCU and NCAT is they both have great connections and resources for their students. They will hook you up with good internships for your major and future career. I know there is an ongoing debate about HBCUS vs. PWIs and this is how I feel: you need to go to a school that best suits your major and supports you for who you are as a person. It does not matter about which college you go to (for the most part) as long as you get a good education. Although I may transfer to NCAT I believe and know that God had me here for a reason even if it was just only for one year. I know God brought me here to minister to, encourage, and support people that I have came in contact with each and every day.

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  1. Amen! I can relate to this post. Thinking back over this semester I would always talk to my friend about what if I went to another school would my experience be the same, and the answer would always be no. But regardless of your reasons for wanting to transfer your statement about HBCU and PWIs is very true. As college students a degree is a degree regardless of where and how you got it. Honestly, college is where I feel like you learn more about yourself than anything because while being here we are by ourselves around 30,000 other students and it is easy to feel lonely and feel like you have no sense of belonging. From my first year experience I have found myself like that a lot but this semester I knew it was time to make some changes and this semester has been the busiest, most mentally challenging, and physically challenging time of my life. But I loved it because I know in the end I’m one step closer to my degree. If you do choose to transfer or stay at VCU I would tell you this, you’re doing great girl and don’t let nobody deter you from what you want to do with your life. I always tell people you never know somebody until you live with them, college is the same way. You really don’t know a school until you start going there. I just hope whatever you choose to do you are successful at that institution.

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