Summer Blues

A little bit over a month of school. About five weeks left of school. I can hardly wait. My freshman year was one for the books! Well, it was truly a learning experience for me and I would not trade it for the world. I learned that I not only have to manage my time better but also how to do so, which is very important in college and in life in order to be successful and have fun. I also learned that I have to choose my friends wisely. Now yes, I have always heard this saying growing up into becoming the woman that I am today but I never really had to apply it until I got to college. Everybody needs to be cautious of the people that they call their friends. Always realize your true friends. Also, coming here I have learned more about what happens in the city and different places surrounding Richmond, Virginia. I have learned a lot about myself as well, my likes and dislikes, my passions, my attitude, the moulding and shaping of Miana (myself), and how to deal with different situations in a mature way. I am grateful for every experience that I have had at VCU. It has truly allowed me to mature and grow into the woman God wants me to be. Although I am thinking about transferring in the fall, I believe that God had me here for a reason. I was here in order to show love to others and teach them about The Lord. I am ready to take a new journey in life and I look forward to keeping in contact with, encouraging, loving, and supporting my friends who are here at VCU. Just because you start off at one college, it does not mean that that is where you will get your degree from and that is okay. As long as you continue to do what you need in order to reach your goal, you will be okay. At the end of the day, you have to go to the college that best suits you and your major. Don’t ever go anywhere because your friends are there or because your family wants you to go there. You have to do what is best for you because you are the one that will have to be at the university or college taking and passing the classes not anyone else. I hope this blog inspires someone and remember to finish the semester out strong! We are almost there 🙂

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  1. I love this post! I think sometimes it is hard for people to choose what is best for them because they feel like they have so many expectations from other people. But I agree with you, it is so important to do what is best for us. Ultimately, it is our life and if we pick something that we don’t want to do just because it is something that other people want us to do, then we are sacrificing our own happiness, which is not good. Great post!

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