College is so stressful. In the beginning of the year, I stayed on top of my homework and wouldn’t go out unless I had all my work done. I only took five classes semester so it felt like a breeze. During the end of fall semester, registration was coming up and I thought since first semester was so easy why don’t I try to add more classes so it can be easier my senior year. Big mistake! I took 7 classes this semester and it has been killing me because I work as well during the school year. Most of my classes were decent but chemistry brought my GPA way down because my teacher absolutely sucked. I’m not known to quit but I had to drop that class even though it made it that I can’t register for classes for next fall semester as fast as others because I don’t have enough credits. I have had essays after essays to write and I can not stand writing plus projects ,group meetings and community service. I also feel like the sun is to blame because its been really pretty and I have been wanting to sit in the park instead of the library to work on homework. I just feel as much as we pay for access codes, I clicker remotes, top hats and books I should at least be able to pass the class. Classes aren’t even my only problem in college, my roommate all of sudden started a problem with me last week. My roommate stays at UVA all the time with her boyfriend during the week so she is usually never here. One night, she came home and I was watching tv and she was catching attitudes because I was watching tv. she went on Instagram talking about me like I wouldn’t see it, so I approached her as a women and started this big fight with cussing and eventually she just packed all her stuff and stole my juul pods. She is a very messy person and I ask her to clean up all the time and she never does and she always at her boyfriends so, I stay cleaning up her side and my side of the room because I don’t like mess. I spoke to my RA countless times and nothing has been done. Also, she snuck a possum and a hamster into our room which is a cage she never cleans because she isn’t here and blame me for killing her animals when they died. I thought coming to college I would get a roommate and we would click and become best friends but she became a living hell. On top of that, her friends be doing seances in the room with Ouija boards and spirit crystals like I’m not a Christian. My mom did not raise me to worship the devil so I’m honestly glad we got in that fight because now she’s out of my hair. College has had its fun time but I honestly miss the quiet, my room and just not having to think about anything. College was fun hopefully I have a better year next year!

The mask

In middle school, I was known for popularity and getting a long with everyone. One day at lunch, I saw a girl I never seen before sitting a lone in a hoodie with a ponytail and glasses. her name was Sabria and I invited her to come sit at my table with my friends. I could tell she felt uncomfortable because she didn’t really know any of us, so I started to make conversation to loosen her up. After, I invited her to my house to hang out and so she could make a friend. She was extremely shy but after seeing how open and goofy I was she began to open up and let me in. We ended up always hanging out and going to the movies. Sooner or later she became my best friend, but she had a lot of problems at home. Her dad was Italian and her mom was Jamaican and moved around a lot. Her dad became sick which was really bad because he was the only one with a job and who could drive. I felt really bad for her so I told her she could stay with me since she basically did live with me from how much she was over my house. My mom ended up buying her school clothes and supplies so we basically matched all the time and people always thought we were sisters. Sabria and I were two peas in a pod and I never let anyone pick on her. We argued sometimes but never enough to break us apart, she was a sister to me. Meanwhile, time flew by and we were about to start high school but not together because her address was in rolling meadows even though she lived with me. Instead, we found a loop hole and found a way for her to attend high school together. When I tried out for the cheer team so did she even though she never cheered in her life. She ended up quitting because she said it was to hard and she didn’t have rhythm. I started to notice she always did what I did instead of finding what she was into, but I didn’t mind because it was nice having someone to do everything with. Meanwhile, I got my first boyfriend who was a junior but that didn’t break up our friendship. Sabria and my boyfriend would call each other brother and sister since sabria was like my sister. My first boyfriend was who I lost my virginity to but ended up breaking my heart. I no longer liked him but sabria and him stayed close. One day, I was headed home from practice and did a drive around the block when I saw my bestfriend kissing my ex-boyfriend. My family and I gave her everything and now she wanted my first boyfriend too. Sabria and I stopped being friends because she had sex with the guy who took my virginity and I felt like she wanted to be to much like me. Even though we stopped being friends throughout the years she copied my looks and try to talk to the same people as me. If I died my hair she died it the same exact color. I couldn’t take it anymore I didn’t want someone exactly like me anymore. I learned no matter how nice you treat someone they can still stab you in your back. I was friends with her for four years and she could do that to me. It taught me not everyone is who you think they are and not everyone deserves kindness. that shy girl I once met was now a mosquito ready to drain the life out of anyone.


I started doing cheerleading around 5th or 6th grade for the James city Jaguars. The Jaguars are a recreational center team that was coached by Channing wade. In the beginning, I was shy to say the words but I could hit the motions. During practice, we would switch rows and I was in the front . Coach Channing stared at me confused and said “why aren’t you saying the words”. She made everyone do laps around the football field saying the words. Channing would ask us to push from our diagram when we pronounce the words. From that day on, I always spoke loudly during the chants. She started to test us in tumbling at the Wisc. I was fearless before cheerleading was introduced in my life I would climb trees. After watching if we all could do kart wheel or not, they demonstrate to do back handspring. I picked up very quickly and was just craving to learn more. Sooner or later I had tucks and layouts. It was the favorite thing I loved about the sport. One day, My dad came to my competition for the first time and I was nervous for him to watch me tumble. I was shaking the whole time and when it came time for me to tumble I landed flat in my face. After the performance, I cried and had rugburn on my face but I still try to attempt to flip constantly. I was scared to flip for a while but continue to do cheer through middle school and high school. During high school, my cheer coach was Channing as well so she pushed me to flip a lot. My junior I got over my fear and began to flip again. I felt like everything in my life was complete again and loved cheer as much as I did in the beginning. I lowkey hate coach Channing my whole high school year for always pushing me. Looking back now, I am thankful she pushed me because she knew I had it in me still. Now I just flip around at a party or in Monroe park because now I know I got it.

Active me

Growing up I was always told I’m very hyper and playful. I was so hyper to the point my mom wanted to get me tested for ADHD, but my father told my mom I didn’t need it I was just a normal child. I just can’t sit down like I always had to be doing something. My parents put me in sports so I could get some of that energy out so I played sports all during school and travel in the summer. Meanwhile, I would still pace when I’m on the phone or at the dinner table shake my leg which bother my mom constantly. I would go out every night because I didn’t like just sitting in the house or if I was sitting in the house I would finish a whole episode of a tv show. Furthermore, My mom made me feel like something wrong with me so when I get around new people I try not to open up so much or act calm. I learned that people actually like my personality and that I’m always down for fun.I just couldn’t explain why I’m so active and honestly I don’t like being told something wrong with or have to take medicine because I like who I am.


Growing up you think love is suppose to be like tv and the fairy tales you were told as a child. Love is two people who would stay with each other through thick and thin, but my hopes were way to high. Gentlemen are suppose to pay and hold the door for you but our generation is not like my fairy tales. Love now a days is all surrounded by Instagram goals and not how you connect with your partner. People don’t even know how to ask people out on a proper date unless its over text messages. Maybe I’m old soul or am asking to much but most relationships are ruined by social media with he say she say stuff and what cameras capture but gets turned around. people believe that in order for a relationship to work you have to be shown off on Instagram , snapchat etc. No one sees the true meaning of love anymore, people throw around the L word like its nothing and also make different definitions for love . I feel like love stands for loyalty out values everything because that’s the main thing in a relationship is loyalty , honesty and trust. With out those things a relationship wouldn’t last very long. People commit to early to relationships and that’s why it doesn’t work. They will only talk for a few weeks, then will date without even getting to truly know the person. Boys will also just want one thing from a girl and that’s sex. They will also tell there friends anything personal that we tell them . They will tell you what you want to hear and fill your head with lies. They only want a girlfriend just so they can say they have a title and they will go for looks not personality wise. They will believe any bad thing they hear about a girl and girls do this as well. Girls and Boys cheat on each other nowadays and will still be in a relationship. They feel that if the partner does it once they wont do it again . that’s why girls and boys trust is messed up nowadays. they think they can hurt the partner and it will be okay, but really that’s how most teens become depressed. People are quick to up and leave instead of talking through there problems. Boys and girls will assume and believe others assumptions and that will mess it up. I feel like I should be in the 60s to find me a nice gentlemen, because I’m old school.


Last year around January, I begged my mom for a puppy but she kept telling me no. My mom knows I love animals and around that time I was helping my friend raise the puppies Her dog had. Instead of listening, I decided to buy one of my friends puppy with my own money and to show my mom I was responsible I bought the food, toys, bed, pee pads, and paid 50 dollars month for the doctors for his shots. My mom was nervous about another dog because of her husband and because we already had a dog but he’s kind of old. My other dogs names is pilot and he is really mean to new people but only really loves my mom so, the whole reason for me wanting a dog is because I wanted an animal that loved me more than my mom. 8 weeks later, it was time for me to take Tyson away from his mother and let him meet pilot because he doesn’t do well with other dogs. When they met he growled but was also wagging his tail at the same time. Sooner or later he warmed up to him and they were fine but my mom complained about how he used the bathroom in the house(my mom has never raised a dog from a puppy because she doesn’t like beating them or picking anything up). After I got him potty trained, he was the most loving, goofy and craziest dog I have ever met. Meanwhile, I started to think about how I’m about to go to college and he probably will end up loving my mom more. I took Tyson to the park almost everyday, he slept with me and I took him to track practice with me after school so, we did grow extremely close. Tyson knew when I was sad because he would lick my tears or he would jump on me while I was sleep to play and in my head I was thinking I can’t bring him with me. My mom would facetime me during my first semester because I was always wondering if he still recognized my voice. Sooner or later I came home and he came racing down the stairs smothering me with kisses and scratches but he didn’t change he knew I was still his owner and followed me around all over again( my mom is in loved with the dog as much as I am ). The moral of the story is he never forgot me and still loved me even though I can’t take him to the park or play with him like I use too.

My thoughts

One day, My friend and I went out to this party with a few other friends and she lost her phone before we left the party. She was looking everywhere under the couch, in the kitchen and even the dogs cage. She almost flipped out saying I need my phone I can’t go anywhere without my phone. I know how teenagers are because I am one but I don’t need my phone or really anything but money to buy food, water and VCU pays for the roof over my head. The point is I don’t feel like what people think they really need is actually needed but wanted. People don’t look what’s around them without their phone in their face taking the video of what they see. Now days everything has to be on snapchat or you need to try to record all the precious memories just to remember it and I don’t think that’s how life should be. Their are people out here starving, broke and sleeping on the streets and people can’t go anywhere without their phone. Kids are just so spoiled we can’t be grateful for what we have or can’t do anything if you don’t have your way. I think the reason why we get attached to things because we use it so much in our day to day life it feels needed. Phones consume us so much that nowadays we don’t know how to be on a regular date, hang with friends or be social without the phones doing it for us or eyes being glued to Instagram videos. I always think about living back in the day when There was not that much advance technology and see the difference of how they had fun or how people approach others.

The city and the city

The book was very interesting to me but in the beginning it was kind of boring because nothing interesting was really happening yet. The setting was based in Europe I knew that much because I took four years of French and had to learn the countries. The fact that they thought she was a prostitute was so typical which blew me. My understanding of this book was that it was two cities who had to unsee and see each other which made it difficult to find the killer. The cop, Borlu got a call from someone saying they new her and gave a name to fulana which was Mahalia Geary who was an a student who study archaeology. She was obsess with Orcincy which was a myth city that was there before bezel and rumor has it they still walk the city seeing everything and will do anything to stay a myth. On the other hand, she was found dead with blood and dirt all over her and some kids who called it in said they saw a van come by. Borlu got a hit on the van after digging and found who owned it but who also didn’t report it stolen and he had a little bit of a record. I knew it couldn’t be him who killed her because it was just the beginning of the book. The cops talk to some locals and found out Mahalia was bad news and was looking into the cities history in a library. she never really was good at making friends with what she was interested in because two years ago she made a lot of enemies at a conference talking about Ocrincy. Later on, her parents came to town to see the body and answer a few questions but instead of being watch 24/7 because of unseeing and seeing Mahalia dad breach and had to be deported. The cops tried to take this to breach because Mahalia had traveled to both cities and they didn’t have much evidence to find the murder without breaching. Breach was when you had seen something you were suppose to unsee between the cities. They declined it but Borlu had work with the militysa with the other city but as a visitor so he had no real authority. This was the confusing part like how do you become a visitor and have to unsee what you were allowed to see at home?! Borlu and Dhatt who was militysa worked together and spoke to students at her school and met her bestfriend Yolanda. They all spoke poorly but said she was very smart. They talked to a lot of people like her advisor, jaris who was unificationist and David Bowden who wrote the book about Orcincy. Jaris ran away and was the one who called Borlu saying he saw the picture that was only in Bezel. In my opinion, I think he had a thing with Mahalia. On the other hand, David said he turned Mahalia down about Orcincy but also had a bomb sent to the school where he got mailed. On top of all this Yolanda was missing but was getting hidden by a guard from Orcincy for protection. borlu tried to get her across the border but the true citizens had interfere with snipers. Finally, they caught the killer which was David Bowden who cut her with an artifact and shot her. But the real questions is Orcincy real? and is breach Orcincy?

Hello world!

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