The city and the city

The book was very interesting to me but in the beginning it was kind of boring because nothing interesting was really happening yet. The setting was based in Europe I knew that much because I took four years of French and had to learn the countries. The fact that they thought she was a prostitute was so typical which blew me. My understanding of this book was that it was two cities who had to unsee and see each other which made it difficult to find the killer. The cop, Borlu got a call from someone saying they new her and gave a name to fulana which was Mahalia Geary who was an a student who study archaeology. She was obsess with Orcincy which was a myth city that was there before bezel and rumor has it they still walk the city seeing everything and will do anything to stay a myth. On the other hand, she was found dead with blood and dirt all over her and some kids who called it in said they saw a van come by. Borlu got a hit on the van after digging and found who owned it but who also didn’t report it stolen and he had a little bit of a record. I knew it couldn’t be him who killed her because it was just the beginning of the book. The cops talk to some locals and found out Mahalia was bad news and was looking into the cities history in a library. she never really was good at making friends with what she was interested in because two years ago she made a lot of enemies at a conference talking about Ocrincy. Later on, her parents came to town to see the body and answer a few questions but instead of being watch 24/7 because of unseeing and seeing Mahalia dad breach and had to be deported. The cops tried to take this to breach because Mahalia had traveled to both cities and they didn’t have much evidence to find the murder without breaching. Breach was when you had seen something you were suppose to unsee between the cities. They declined it but Borlu had work with the militysa with the other city but as a visitor so he had no real authority. This was the confusing part like how do you become a visitor and have to unsee what you were allowed to see at home?! Borlu and Dhatt who was militysa worked together and spoke to students at her school and met her bestfriend Yolanda. They all spoke poorly but said she was very smart. They talked to a lot of people like her advisor, jaris who was unificationist and David Bowden who wrote the book about Orcincy. Jaris ran away and was the one who called Borlu saying he saw the picture that was only in Bezel. In my opinion, I think he had a thing with Mahalia. On the other hand, David said he turned Mahalia down about Orcincy but also had a bomb sent to the school where he got mailed. On top of all this Yolanda was missing but was getting hidden by a guard from Orcincy for protection. borlu tried to get her across the border but the true citizens had interfere with snipers. Finally, they caught the killer which was David Bowden who cut her with an artifact and shot her. But the real questions is Orcincy real? and is breach Orcincy?

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