Last year around January, I begged my mom for a puppy but she kept telling me no. My mom knows I love animals and around that time I was helping my friend raise the puppies Her dog had. Instead of listening, I decided to buy one of my friends puppy with my own money and to show my mom I was responsible I bought the food, toys, bed, pee pads, and paid 50 dollars month for the doctors for his shots. My mom was nervous about another dog because of her husband and because we already had a dog but he’s kind of old. My other dogs names is pilot and he is really mean to new people but only really loves my mom so, the whole reason for me wanting a dog is because I wanted an animal that loved me more than my mom. 8 weeks later, it was time for me to take Tyson away from his mother and let him meet pilot because he doesn’t do well with other dogs. When they met he growled but was also wagging his tail at the same time. Sooner or later he warmed up to him and they were fine but my mom complained about how he used the bathroom in the house(my mom has never raised a dog from a puppy because she doesn’t like beating them or picking anything up). After I got him potty trained, he was the most loving, goofy and craziest dog I have ever met. Meanwhile, I started to think about how I’m about to go to college and he probably will end up loving my mom more. I took Tyson to the park almost everyday, he slept with me and I took him to track practice with me after school so, we did grow extremely close. Tyson knew when I was sad because he would lick my tears or he would jump on me while I was sleep to play and in my head I was thinking I can’t bring him with me. My mom would facetime me during my first semester because I was always wondering if he still recognized my voice. Sooner or later I came home and he came racing down the stairs smothering me with kisses and scratches but he didn’t change he knew I was still his owner and followed me around all over again( my mom is in loved with the dog as much as I am ). The moral of the story is he never forgot me and still loved me even though I can’t take him to the park or play with him like I use too.

My thoughts

One day, My friend and I went out to this party with a few other friends and she lost her phone before we left the party. She was looking everywhere under the couch, in the kitchen and even the dogs cage. She almost flipped out saying I need my phone I can’t go anywhere without my phone. I know how teenagers are because I am one but I don’t need my phone or really anything but money to buy food, water and VCU pays for the roof over my head. The point is I don’t feel like what people think they really need is actually needed but wanted. People don’t look what’s around them without their phone in their face taking the video of what they see. Now days everything has to be on snapchat or you need to try to record all the precious memories just to remember it and I don’t think that’s how life should be. Their are people out here starving, broke and sleeping on the streets and people can’t go anywhere without their phone. Kids are just so spoiled we can’t be grateful for what we have or can’t do anything if you don’t have your way. I think the reason why we get attached to things because we use it so much in our day to day life it feels needed. Phones consume us so much that nowadays we don’t know how to be on a regular date, hang with friends or be social without the phones doing it for us or eyes being glued to Instagram videos. I always think about living back in the day when There was not that much advance technology and see the difference of how they had fun or how people approach others.