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One day, My friend and I went out to this party with a few other friends and she lost her phone before we left the party. She was looking everywhere under the couch, in the kitchen and even the dogs cage. She almost flipped out saying I need my phone I can’t go anywhere without my phone. I know how teenagers are because I am one but I don’t need my phone or really anything but money to buy food, water and VCU pays for the roof over my head. The point is I don’t feel like what people think they really need is actually needed but wanted. People don’t look what’s around them without their phone in their face taking the video of what they see. Now days everything has to be on snapchat or you need to try to record all the precious memories just to remember it and I don’t think that’s how life should be. Their are people out here starving, broke and sleeping on the streets and people can’t go anywhere without their phone. Kids are just so spoiled we can’t be grateful for what we have or can’t do anything if you don’t have your way. I think the reason why we get attached to things because we use it so much in our day to day life it feels needed. Phones consume us so much that nowadays we don’t know how to be on a regular date, hang with friends or be social without the phones doing it for us or eyes being glued to Instagram videos. I always think about living back in the day when There was not that much advance technology and see the difference of how they had fun or how people approach others.

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  1. It truly is sad how much every little situation that arises between a group of people has to have a cell phone around to either provide documentation or ease between people and whatever is going on in the heat of the moment. Not having a cell phone can allow for people to become statues when trying to communicate with others and decreases our comfortability while also heightening the ability to communicate openly with others. Sadly, people nowadays find it very difficult to have even the simplest conversation without checking their pockets for their phones and cannot feel comfortable whatsoever without these security devices that have made us socially awkward.

  2. I like the concept you came up with. The only thing I would like to suggest is you could be more neutral with the language. I know most of us don’t have any idea about blogs or how it should be. However we also have to make sure our writing isn’t extremely leaning to one side or some individual topic. We should also try to maintain neutrality. Otherwise, great concept.

  3. Firstly I couldn’t have agreed with you more. As I got to college I realized the people I was in groupchats with were not what I expected in person. Many of them I don’t even hang out or speak to because in my opinion I did not like the vibe they gave off in person. Technology has really changed us as a generation and you can tell due to the lack of social skills people have. You really hit the nail on the head when you were talking about being out and people putting videos up on snapchat to savor the moment. Every party I go to you will always find people snapping the moments. Especially if it is a song like faneto by Chief Keef or Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes. If we did not have the technology that we have today I think a lot of parties and social events would be a lot more fun because you actually get to enjoy the people you’re with.

  4. I couldn’t agree anymore about how people are on their phones too much and act like they need it to survive. In today’s society millennials depend on their phones like it’s water. I know many people who won’t leave the house without there phone. One time I was in a restaurant and some kid was with his grandma and I didn’t;t see him talk to her once because he was to busy playing on his PSP. I think people in this generation are losing their social skills because they are always on the phone and rarley talking to people face-to-face.

  5. I thought your blog was spot on so many people are glue to their phones. I think the worst is when you are behind someone on stairs and they are walking up them so slow because they are on their phone. I think that all people as a society need to take a step back from our phones and technology. But, I don’t think that will happen we are all probably to far gone. We obsess over things like memes and they even get on the daily news because that many people are just obsessed with Instagram, snap chat, twitter and Facebook. Maybe one day we will stop obsessing but i don’t see it happening anytime soon, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. I do agree with this post, but I also have some things to say about this topic. I believe that our generation is obsessed with there phones, but in certain situations, it would be useful to have our phones. Though it distracts us from our surroundings at times it has also saved many lives in danger as well. I would also become anxious if I lost my phone before going to a college party, for we don’t know what may happen. All I am saying is just rethink certain situations and watch out for your girls. Overall I do agree with most of the blog just want everyone to be safe!

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