I started doing cheerleading around 5th or 6th grade for the James city Jaguars. The Jaguars are a recreational center team that was coached by Channing wade. In the beginning, I was shy to say the words but I could hit the motions. During practice, we would switch rows and I was in the front . Coach Channing stared at me confused and said “why aren’t you saying the words”. She made everyone do laps around the football field saying the words. Channing would ask us to push from our diagram when we pronounce the words. From that day on, I always spoke loudly during the chants. She started to test us in tumbling at the Wisc. I was fearless before cheerleading was introduced in my life I would climb trees. After watching if we all could do kart wheel or not, they demonstrate to do back handspring. I picked up very quickly and was just craving to learn more. Sooner or later I had tucks and layouts. It was the favorite thing I loved about the sport. One day, My dad came to my competition for the first time and I was nervous for him to watch me tumble. I was shaking the whole time and when it came time for me to tumble I landed flat in my face. After the performance, I cried and had rugburn on my face but I still try to attempt to flip constantly. I was scared to flip for a while but continue to do cheer through middle school and high school. During high school, my cheer coach was Channing as well so she pushed me to flip a lot. My junior I got over my fear and began to flip again. I felt like everything in my life was complete again and loved cheer as much as I did in the beginning. I lowkey hate coach Channing my whole high school year for always pushing me. Looking back now, I am thankful she pushed me because she knew I had it in me still. Now I just flip around at a party or in Monroe park because now I know I got it.

Active me

Growing up I was always told I’m very hyper and playful. I was so hyper to the point my mom wanted to get me tested for ADHD, but my father told my mom I didn’t need it I was just a normal child. I just can’t sit down like I always had to be doing something. My parents put me in sports so I could get some of that energy out so I played sports all during school and travel in the summer. Meanwhile, I would still pace when I’m on the phone or at the dinner table shake my leg which bother my mom constantly. I would go out every night because I didn’t like just sitting in the house or if I was sitting in the house I would finish a whole episode of a tv show. Furthermore, My mom made me feel like something wrong with me so when I get around new people I try not to open up so much or act calm. I learned that people actually like my personality and that I’m always down for fun.I just couldn’t explain why I’m so active and honestly I don’t like being told something wrong with or have to take medicine because I like who I am.


Growing up you think love is suppose to be like tv and the fairy tales you were told as a child. Love is two people who would stay with each other through thick and thin, but my hopes were way to high. Gentlemen are suppose to pay and hold the door for you but our generation is not like my fairy tales. Love now a days is all surrounded by Instagram goals and not how you connect with your partner. People don’t even know how to ask people out on a proper date unless its over text messages. Maybe I’m old soul or am asking to much but most relationships are ruined by social media with he say she say stuff and what cameras capture but gets turned around. people believe that in order for a relationship to work you have to be shown off on Instagram , snapchat etc. No one sees the true meaning of love anymore, people throw around the L word like its nothing and also make different definitions for love . I feel like love stands for loyalty out values everything because that’s the main thing in a relationship is loyalty , honesty and trust. With out those things a relationship wouldn’t last very long. People commit to early to relationships and that’s why it doesn’t work. They will only talk for a few weeks, then will date without even getting to truly know the person. Boys will also just want one thing from a girl and that’s sex. They will also tell there friends anything personal that we tell them . They will tell you what you want to hear and fill your head with lies. They only want a girlfriend just so they can say they have a title and they will go for looks not personality wise. They will believe any bad thing they hear about a girl and girls do this as well. Girls and Boys cheat on each other nowadays and will still be in a relationship. They feel that if the partner does it once they wont do it again . that’s why girls and boys trust is messed up nowadays. they think they can hurt the partner and it will be okay, but really that’s how most teens become depressed. People are quick to up and leave instead of talking through there problems. Boys and girls will assume and believe others assumptions and that will mess it up. I feel like I should be in the 60s to find me a nice gentlemen, because I’m old school.