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Growing up I was always told I’m very hyper and playful. I was so hyper to the point my mom wanted to get me tested for ADHD, but my father told my mom I didn’t need it I was just a normal child. I just can’t sit down like I always had to be doing something. My parents put me in sports so I could get some of that energy out so I played sports all during school and travel in the summer. Meanwhile, I would still pace when I’m on the phone or at the dinner table shake my leg which bother my mom constantly. I would go out every night because I didn’t like just sitting in the house or if I was sitting in the house I would finish a whole episode of a tv show. Furthermore, My mom made me feel like something wrong with me so when I get around new people I try not to open up so much or act calm. I learned that people actually like my personality and that I’m always down for fun.I just couldn’t explain why I’m so active and honestly I don’t like being told something wrong with or have to take medicine because I like who I am.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you anymore. Many people in today’s society think they have to act the same or change who they are for people to like them. People need to be more comfortable with themselves and understand that they were born the way the were for a reason. People who really care about you will accept you for the way you are and won’t try to change you.

  2. I’m glad you realized over time that you can accept who you are. No one should ever feel like they have to act a certain way just because of common expectations, so its good to read a blog like this because I think everyone should hear it. I just wrote a blog about happiness, so do you think if you chose to conform to the societal norms or the overall idea your mom had set out for you that your happiness level would have decreased?

  3. I agree as well. Society thinks that when somebody is different than the “normal” they should be changed with medicine or other things that could damage a person’s mental health. But the “normal” should not even be labeled. I actually have the same problem, although I take do ADHD medication, but not because my parents wanted me to, I am doing it for myself. I did take a break from my medicine, so I understand this completely. There should not be anyone out there who thinks they can control you, only you control yourself. That is genuinely what I believe and I will stand up for this.

  4. Thanks for sharing! It was interesting to hear that people tried to “fix” you. You just seem to me like someone who is always down to do something and have fun. I wish I had that same energy because most of the time I feel like I have no energy to go hangout or I just don’t want to put myself out there. Having all that energy is great and I think that your energy could really fuel a positive mind. What I like the most is that so many people don’t have that energy to go out and just do something and be themselves, but your personality can rub off onto others! You seem like a very encouraging person and I want to thank you again for sharing!

  5. I am definitely the same way. I can never stay still, I am always shaking my leg, fidgeting with my hands, or moving in some way. I like to be lazy at times, but I am the kind of person that has to go out and do things throughout the day, I cannot just sit around. I used to play sports as well and I miss it a lot but I haven’t found time to incorporate it into my routine and it’s not a top priority. I have always had troubles concentrating, but I have never been diagnosed with anything or given any kind of medication. I think many people deal with the same issues, just don’t really talk about it.

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