College is so stressful. In the beginning of the year, I stayed on top of my homework and wouldn’t go out unless I had all my work done. I only took five classes semester so it felt like a breeze. During the end of fall semester, registration was coming up and I thought since first semester was so easy why don’t I try to add more classes so it can be easier my senior year. Big mistake! I took 7 classes this semester and it has been killing me because I work as well during the school year. Most of my classes were decent but chemistry brought my GPA way down because my teacher absolutely sucked. I’m not known to quit but I had to drop that class even though it made it that I can’t register for classes for next fall semester as fast as others because I don’t have enough credits. I have had essays after essays to write and I can not stand writing plus projects ,group meetings and community service. I also feel like the sun is to blame because its been really pretty and I have been wanting to sit in the park instead of the library to work on homework. I just feel as much as we pay for access codes, I clicker remotes, top hats and books I should at least be able to pass the class. Classes aren’t even my only problem in college, my roommate all of sudden started a problem with me last week. My roommate stays at UVA all the time with her boyfriend during the week so she is usually never here. One night, she came home and I was watching tv and she was catching attitudes because I was watching tv. she went on Instagram talking about me like I wouldn’t see it, so I approached her as a women and started this big fight with cussing and eventually she just packed all her stuff and stole my juul pods. She is a very messy person and I ask her to clean up all the time and she never does and she always at her boyfriends so, I stay cleaning up her side and my side of the room because I don’t like mess. I spoke to my RA countless times and nothing has been done. Also, she snuck a possum and a hamster into our room which is a cage she never cleans because she isn’t here and blame me for killing her animals when they died. I thought coming to college I would get a roommate and we would click and become best friends but she became a living hell. On top of that, her friends be doing seances in the room with Ouija boards and spirit crystals like I’m not a Christian. My mom did not raise me to worship the devil so I’m honestly glad we got in that fight because now she’s out of my hair. College has had its fun time but I honestly miss the quiet, my room and just not having to think about anything. College was fun hopefully I have a better year next year!

The mask

In middle school, I was known for popularity and getting a long with everyone. One day at lunch, I saw a girl I never seen before sitting a lone in a hoodie with a ponytail and glasses. her name was Sabria and I invited her to come sit at my table with my friends. I could tell she felt uncomfortable because she didn’t really know any of us, so I started to make conversation to loosen her up. After, I invited her to my house to hang out and so she could make a friend. She was extremely shy but after seeing how open and goofy I was she began to open up and let me in. We ended up always hanging out and going to the movies. Sooner or later she became my best friend, but she had a lot of problems at home. Her dad was Italian and her mom was Jamaican and moved around a lot. Her dad became sick which was really bad because he was the only one with a job and who could drive. I felt really bad for her so I told her she could stay with me since she basically did live with me from how much she was over my house. My mom ended up buying her school clothes and supplies so we basically matched all the time and people always thought we were sisters. Sabria and I were two peas in a pod and I never let anyone pick on her. We argued sometimes but never enough to break us apart, she was a sister to me. Meanwhile, time flew by and we were about to start high school but not together because her address was in rolling meadows even though she lived with me. Instead, we found a loop hole and found a way for her to attend high school together. When I tried out for the cheer team so did she even though she never cheered in her life. She ended up quitting because she said it was to hard and she didn’t have rhythm. I started to notice she always did what I did instead of finding what she was into, but I didn’t mind because it was nice having someone to do everything with. Meanwhile, I got my first boyfriend who was a junior but that didn’t break up our friendship. Sabria and my boyfriend would call each other brother and sister since sabria was like my sister. My first boyfriend was who I lost my virginity to but ended up breaking my heart. I no longer liked him but sabria and him stayed close. One day, I was headed home from practice and did a drive around the block when I saw my bestfriend kissing my ex-boyfriend. My family and I gave her everything and now she wanted my first boyfriend too. Sabria and I stopped being friends because she had sex with the guy who took my virginity and I felt like she wanted to be to much like me. Even though we stopped being friends throughout the years she copied my looks and try to talk to the same people as me. If I died my hair she died it the same exact color. I couldn’t take it anymore I didn’t want someone exactly like me anymore. I learned no matter how nice you treat someone they can still stab you in your back. I was friends with her for four years and she could do that to me. It taught me not everyone is who you think they are and not everyone deserves kindness. that shy girl I once met was now a mosquito ready to drain the life out of anyone.