Unit 2 op-ed

Aiyana Jones
Pyschology 101
October 30, 2018

Immigration Employment
The most pressing immigration issue is jobs. Immigrants come to America and end up doing jobs that Many Native-born Americans won’t do like landscaping or hotel services. It’s very unusual to see a foreigner as a doctor in the United States. With our new president, Donald Trump is trying to constrict the flow of foreign workers to the United states by throwing up new roadblocks to limit legal arrival. Donald trump has put more requirement for work visas for immigrants with higher education levels, so they could contribute to the United states more efficiently and tries to make it difficult for families that try to come together.
Every immigrant needs a work visa to have a job in the United states. Trump making it so only skilled workers can come to America. The Government is denying more work visas and asking applicants to provide more information. This delays the immigration process, which waves many open jobs. We lose business from countries like Canada because they welcome immigrants. Immigrants look at U.S. as a stable source of income to reach long-term economic mobility for themselves or their children (Cornelius,69). Immigrants make money in the United states to become more successful with building a new life financially. Undocumented migrants come from the lower -middle ranges of the socioeconomic ladder (Massey,62). Therefore, Trump doesn’t see them as productive people to America, but they could help in other ways like hand on work in the U.S. Mexicans are known as the second labor market because they take unskilled jobs (Massey,62). The United states is focused on blue collar vs. white collar which is saying Mexicans are best with their hands instead of being professional trained (Massey,62). In Mexico, the people education levels are not as great as The United States educational level which is why they are put under that stereotype. Meanwhile, my professor says that educational levels have dropped tremendously to a standard that students aren’t getting the correct form of learning which is needed in the professional workforce. Four million visas were issued for immigrants in the United States the past decade from members of family groups (Massey,63). Overall, Trump is trying to take a step back and get rid of the immigration system completely. This view of the role of Mexican labor in the United States economy is contradicted by the analyses and projections of other social scientists, who views it increasingly important and essential place for Mexican workers in the United States economy into the next century (Cornelius,70). Trump rather build a wall instead of dealing with major political issues going on in the United States. Mexican migrants are not seen as necessary for the functioning and growth of the United States economy, and their presence in low-wage, low-skill labor markets is believed to affect adversely the economic interests of large numbers of American citizens (Cornelius,71). The presence of Mexicans in United States labor markets is treated like a cancer that can and should be cut out of the economy and society (Cornelius,71). In this view, the United States has not become dependent on Mexican and another immigrant labor (Cornelius,71). Such labor is just too greedy employers’ intent on protecting their profit margins and to middle-class consumers who do not want to pay more for their restaurant meals, clothing, agricultural produce, and maid service. Certain products made by Mexicans will go up while the United states would decline if they try to get rid of the Immigrant workforce (Cornelius,71). Immigration has been involved with the United states to long to be cut out of economy. Mexican hand labor is still needed for certain types of crops and by small farmers who cannot afford elaborate machinery. In Sunbelt cities, the boom in new construction has increased the demand for Mexican labor to perform construction site cleanup and other unskilled or semiskilled tasks (Cornelius,72). Trump wants to make it hard for immigrants to come over, but it will make it hard when he needs hand on workers for things average Americans won’t do which would leave us with an unemployment gap that certain grants are paying for.
Donald trump is trying to make it extremely hard for immigrants to come to America. Not only is he trying to talk down on immigrants but tries to separate the families. Over a period of several decades, Latin American countries have become increasingly dependent on cash income earned by the United States, residents working temporarily or permanent send part of their earning back home or to relatives (Cornelius,69). Meanwhile, a lot of immigrants usually have relatives that live in the United states that persuaded them to cross the border for an opportunity. United states relatives serve as labor recruiters for their American employers (Cornelius,69). Family members sometimes help each other achieve a job in the United States to become more successful. Immigrants go through a lot just to come to the United States just to be turned around. Among Mexican Americans, the family has been described as the most important single unit in traditional culture. Authority is patriarchal and sex roles are rigid. Women are expected to seek fulfillment through the bearing and raising of children, while men seek legitimation through activities outside the home (Massey,68). Mexico has this stereotype that most women try to avoid and go to the United states to be as much as worker as a man. Harsh immigration laws put can be dim mental to immigrant families because they force families to make impossible choices between their children rights to remain in the United States. After being separated a lot of kids couldn’t be in contact their parents because the paperwork wasn’t dealt with properly and some didn’t know why their kid was taken from them(Massey,73). If you were a Mexican, you wouldn’t go through all that trouble if it was actual stable jobs there. Trump continues making it hard for Mexicans to start a new life with their families. Being separated from your family is like a flower having its petals plucked away.
Trump is doing everything in his power to make this country nothing but American which defeats the purpose we set for this country. What this country needs are more jobs fulfilled by people. Immigrants are more than happy to take a job even if it is low wage or highly skilled. Trump rather push them out and buy a multibillion wall to kick them out. He already raises the requirements to get a visa to come in the legal way. Now he is ripping families apart like paper just to make his sick view of life better.


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In “The Dimension of New Immigration to the United States” Massey believes the loss of immigration will touch all regions of the country by this influx of foreigners. He also thinks immigrants will raise the fertility rate which help expose the U.S. society. The social integration will cause intermarriage and more activity in politics. On the other hand, he feels like they try to separate groups into neighborhoods by their backgrounds. Meanwhile, he thinks the lack of legal rights to employment and residence in the U.S. clearly represents a barrier to upward mobility among illegal immigrants, and for the younger generation of immigrants to feel handicap more than they already possess.
In this article, I agree that Hispanics feel unwanted in the U.S. and if we involved them more they would feel more connected to the United States. They also isolated in society and have no room for upward social, economic, or political mobility because society will not let them in. The United States is trying to take a step back instead of moving forward and be more open. The evolution of immigrants in the U.S. should be a good thing not something were trying to break.

In the article “New immigrants to the U.S. and the Prospects for assimilation” Wayne Cornelius talked about Mexicans and their impact to the United States. Mexican workers will continue to be a huge part of the U.S. labor force. Getting rid of Mexican workers in the United States would require a huge amount of government influence. Cornelius also thinks, that they would have to intrude on the lives of others and decisions at private businesses. Removing Mexican workers from the workforce would also increase social tensions. There’ll be discrimination in hiring, taking away any opportunity for Hispanic or Mexican citizens. Taking these kinds of drastic measures would drive manufacturers to deal with other countries and mess up businesses like agriculture and construction here. Wayne A Cornelius thinks a better approach would be to focus on improving the status of Mexicans and other immigrants in the U.S. By increasing their opportunity to come to the U.S. legally. Enforcing antidiscrimination laws and increasing labor standard laws.
I agree that Wayne Cornelius is correct that this would cause a huge impact on the U.S. economy. Mexican immigrants have been a part of the U.S. for centuries just to be cut out. Our business with immigrants will downfall and cause big economic gap. The labor market would require the kind of government controls on individual movement, hiring, practices, and other things of daily life that would be intolerable in the United states. It would bring social tension instead of reducing them. This situation will cause racial discrimination.