I am not the type of person to ever really make New Years resolutions, I’ve always believed that if you wanted to better yourself or your life, you shouldn’t wait until the new year to do so. However this year I decided I was finally going to make a change in my life and I suppose the New Year just gave me a push. I have always been active my whole life, I played volleyball year round which meant in the fall I played for my high school, winter/spring I played travel and was at a tournament every weekend in a different state, and in the summer I played beach. So I never had much time for other hobbies in my life. Since I have been in college I haven’t been playing since last semester I took 18 credits and I wanted to take my classes seriously. Since I haven’t been active or anything I have not felt like myself at all. As much as I dreaded it, I decided I was going to start eating better and working out (I know, extremely basic New Years resolution).

The biggest change I have made in my life is I’ve decided to go on a diet that my mom has been doing for a year. It’s called the keto diet which basically consists of not eating carbs or sugars. The idea behind this diet is that without carbs or sugars, your body starts to burn your body fat to make energy. Also since you are eating a lot of protein and fats it is really good for people that are active, lift weights, etc. Combining that with working out has actually been such a great idea in my opinion. Since the first week of January I have felt so much more awake, have better focus, and in general just feel so much healthier. I want to continue this for at least the rest of the semester, although it has been a struggle eating healthy on campus. Overall I’m very excited to continue with my health journey & to be proud of how far I get because I know that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication.