I know like many other freshman in the Richmond area, it is overwhelming to live here. The only times I had been to Richmond before attending VCU was orientation and a college tour a few years ago. Personally I am not from the area, I am technically from Florida and a few years back the military moved my family to the NoVa area. Living here is a bit stressful to me. I don’t know if it is because I have never lived in the city before, or because it is a new place for me and I am used to moving all over with my family. I am usually very good at transitioning to new places and meeting new people because I have moved 14 times and been to 11 schools now (including VCU). It is definitely hard not being with my sister all the time because we are so close and are used to being there for each other no matter what. Of course she visits and we facetime but I think moving here has been hardest of all because I am truly alone.

Honestly I don’t think the “city life” is necessarily for me but I think it is fun for college since there are so many opportunities and activities to be involved in. However, I feel like I am missing out on so much in the area and really want to branch out, find new places, explore, etc. At the same time I am constantly busy with school, friends, and family it seems nearly impossible to see everything. I know that I will be here for at least four years, so there is no rush. However one of my goals this semester is to definitely make time to go out more and try new places (if anyone has any restaurant suggestions definitely comment I need to try some new food). Overall I feel like Richmond has a lot to experience and I have not completely branched out as much as I would have liked to by now.