This year has been a very challenging one for me in very many different aspects. Adjusting to college was not very difficult for me until I realized that I did not have very much time in a day. So like most people, I put school first. I studied, did homework and projects, and went to class. In between those things I ate and slept. I felt like I had my life under control until I started to notice my mental and physical health deteriorating. I have never had to worry about staying in shape because I always played sports. However, sitting around and doing schoolwork while eating the food on campus took a toll on my body. I noticed I had lost a lot of the muscle I had worked so long and hard to get, and gained a lot of fat. At the same time I was very unhappy with my life. I felt insecure and stressed all the time.

Coming into the spring semester I knew that something had to change. I started going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, and making new friends. This semester I have made such great memories and have definitely improved my mental health. However this had a negative effect on my academics. Now that I was focusing on myself, I had put school to the side and put other things first. We are nearing the end of the semester and I am definitely very stressed out about finals. I feel like I am having such a hard time balancing important aspects in my life such as my mental and physical health, my academics, my social life and relationship with family. College is really a challenge of organizing and time management in my opinion, but it is truly what YOU make of it.