Today in class we talked about the idea of taxing the wealthy heavier than others, so that the rich can help the poor. Throughout the class discussion I had so many conflicting ideas. Immediately when we are asked I agreed, in my mind if people are wealthy then they have the money to help others.

However, when I think about my parents I see things a bit differently. My parents are not wealthy, but they are comfortable, and considered middle class. Both of my parents are some of the most hard working people I have ever met in my entire life. When they got married and started their life together they both had absolutely nothing, and the only reason they had a roof over their heads was because the military paid for housing. Now my dad has reached the highest ranking he can achieve in the Army, and my mom is a manager over multiple hospitals. They have come so far and I know they worked for it. So, when I see how much they pay in taxes it crushes me. In all honesty, it really discourages people from working harder to achieve higher paying jobs, because this means you pay more in taxes.

When it comes down to it I really do believe the rich should be taxed more, however when I say rich I mean the top 1%. The people that have so much money that they just waste it on ridiculously expensive things. These people definitely have the money to give some away to those in need, and they wouldn’t even notice that it’s gone. But a classmate brought up the idea that people shouldn’t be forced to pay taxes, but instead should donate money willingly. The problem with this is not enough people in this world are genuine enough to do that, which is sad. I just do not think it would work but I do understand the idea behind it and the fact that if you are the person making the money, you should be able to do what you want with it.