Through out this semester I have been debating on whether or not I should write about this. I thought about making sort of a “series” telling the story of my current roommate from move in until now. However, I did not know if anyone would find it interesting, or if it would get back to her and offend her. I have decided to write a summary about everything that happened and not include her name or anything specifically. I feel like this could be a lesson to people and also it is just kind of entertaining.

Coming into VCU I knew I wanted to get an apartment. I know that it’s my first year and most people live on campus, but my parents gave me the choice because they weren’t much of a difference financially. My problem was, I didn’t know anyone that planned on going to VCU. So I went to facebook and joined a page for off campus students looking for roommates. My current roommate was the very first person to message me. At first my mom and I felt a little off about her, because she didn’t come off as very polite but it was just messaging so I didn’t take it too seriously. I also tried to message some other people. As it neared to the time of signing the lease, I still had not found a roommate. So I decided to message her and ask if she wanted to be roommates. After that things went smoothly with signing the lease and paying for everything until she had asked what each of us should buy for the apartment. I had told her that I had gotten a lot of dishes, and other kitchen stuff for graduation so she didn’t have to worry about that. However, she had insisted that we split the kitchen and have our own dishes, silverware, coffee makers, etc. I didn’t find this too odd at first because she is a junior so I knew she already had stuff. I also mentioned my parents had already bought furniture, a tv, etc. All she needed to buy was a tv stand and possibly a rug.

Then it was move in day.