It was move in day and I was very excited to start decorating the place. I had no idea what my roommate had in mind, so I bought things that were pretty basic. Our lease started the first of August so I moved my things in right away, but my roommate waited until it was closer to classes starting. My boyfriend, parents, and sister helped me move my things in which was very nice because it made it much faster. The day my roommate moved in, I think I have decided to call her A so things are easier, I tried to be very nice and polite and get to know her. Her mom was helping her move things in and my mom happened to be there as well. We tried to introduce ourselves and make conversation but neither of them were interested at all so it was extremely awkward. We ended up just unpacking in silence. She also had not brought anything for the living room. I had brought a couch, a coffee table, a tv, bar stools, etc. She ended up buying a tv stand a few weeks later, but I was a bit upset that my parents had ended up paying for everything.

Fast forward a few days and my boyfriend and I drove back up to put my furniture together. When we got there she was in her room with the door closed so we did not bother her. She eventually came out and he introduced himself and tried to shake her hand but she just looked at us and walked away. This really started to be a reoccurring theme. Things were already super awkward and classes hadn’t even started. I was so upset. I decided to go back home and spend time with my family until classes started because the apartment was just very uncomfortable for me. It was also really nice outside so my parents had an end of the summer bbq and we had friends over to swim and eat.