(continued) Obviously this upset me, but I knew deep down that she didn’t genuinely know me as a person. I decided to turn on a movie to pass time because I can’t sleep if there is a lot of noise. I started thinking if my roommate had been having parties while I was gone and if they ever went in my room. I never thought about her taking anything so I never locked my door or anything like that, (however over the next few days I started noticing things around my room moving).

An hour or two had passed and it was almost 5 in the morning. I texted her if they could keep it down just a bit because it was really early and I had been feeling really sick. She had ignored me and I didn’t want to say more, because she did live there too and there wasn’t anything wrong with playing music and having people over. The next day I woke up to get ready because my mom knew I wasn’t feeling well and she was coming into town to take me to lunch. I stepped into the living room and there was trash all over the floor, decorations broken and on the floor, and the tree was knocked over.

I was honestly a bit heartbroken. I know that I am a bit soft and I always assume everyone has a good heart, but this just felt very hurtful. I wanted to clean it all up but after I told my friends and mom what happened they told me to just leave it and clean later if she didn’t. I wanted to go home for the rest of the weekend after this but I had a lot of homework so I decided to stay. After telling my mom everything, she wanted to buy a small camera for my room for when I leave on the weekends. I thought this was ridiculous but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. For the rest of the weekend my roommate hadn’t cleaned up so I moved all the decorations into my room and not say anything. I didn’t want to start drama because I knew we had to live together until the summer.

The next weekend came and I set up my camera. I left right after class on friday and I was pulling out of the parking garage when I got a notification on my phone that someone was in my room.