**Alright I have decided to make these posts a bit longer because I want to fit everything in before the end of the semester and I noticed some people are following along (tysm), so I apologize if they are a bit lengthy, just want to catch up to where we are now.**

So like I mentioned in my last post, I was leaving the parking garage when I got a notification that someone was in my room. I could not believe she had already gone into my room as soon as I left. I was so extremely mad. I did not want to pull over or stop (because I am horrible at parallel parking lol oops) and I was already about to get onto the interstate. So please forgive me but I went on my phone while driving I know this is a really bad idea but I just had to see what she was doing in my room.

Sooo I go to my app and look at the live footage and my roommate was in my room just rummaging through my drawers, and moving things around like she was looking for something. After a minute she went up to my calendar on my wall and was flipping through the months and taking pictures of each month. Since I am extremely organized I had literally everything written out that I had planned until about Christmas. For example I had things like class times, finals, when I planned out going home, even when I was coming back. This just made me really mad because I really felt like, 1. why does she care? 2. why is that her business? and 3. why didn’t she just ask me? I definitely would have told her whatever she wanted to know. At this point I was practically fuming because she had just completely invaded my privacy.

At this point I texted her and just said something along the lines of I would appreciate it very much if you stayed out of my room, thank you. She replied that she was just looking at my calendar because she noticed I had been lying to her about things. **I am just going to summarize this conversation because it went on for about an hour and it is super long and pointless.** I basically asked her what I had lied about and she told me five times I had lied to her about where I was and the calendar proved me wrong. I was getting so mad because she was acting like my mom when she never told me anything, because I really didn’t care. Basically I went on to apologize to her for thinking that, but I never lied to her (because I truly did not care enough and it was pointless). I told her I did not want any drama and to please just ask me next time instead of invading my privacy. She basically continued to argue with me and I ignored the texts because at this point I was finally home with my family who I hadn’t seen in weeks.

I don’t hear from her for a few weeks again until she texts me and says we need to talk.