Well since the semester is nearing very fast I am going to try to sum everything up in the next blog or two. I will probably be pretty general, because if I gave all the details I would probably make another 5 or 6 blogs.

*continued* As I said in my last post, my roommate texted me and said she wanted to talk. I don’t know why she wouldn’t just walk across the hall and talk to me, but she seemed like she wanted to keep texting. At this point I was just really upset with her and honestly had given up on being friends. I wasn’t going to be mean, but I wasn’t going to go out of my way to be nice to her. (Also thank you to all the people commenting because you are making me feel a lot less crazy). So I literally told her I had nothing to talk about, because if she had something to say she could literally just text me and say it. This upset her and she said we needed to communicate better and I said that I did not have enough time to sit down and chat, so she could text me (since it was finals week of last fall I was super busy).

The next morning I woke up with a letter taped onto my door with my name on it. She had handwritten all the problems she had with me and numbered every single one. Most of them stated that I lied to her about things (when we never even talk, so I don’t know why she cares where I am and when), and much more. I will just summarize a few things she got mad about (because I forgot most of it).

One thing she was mad about was the fact that whenever I had people over, we never included her. I honestly don’t know why she was mad about this because she does the same. Another thing was that she was mad that I “lied” to her about where I always was. And the last thing I can remember, which was the craziest, was she said before we moved in she looked through all the people I followed on instagram. She saw that I happened to follow a lot of the cast from Riverdale, and she really liked the show too. So, without saying anything to me, she went out and bought cords and stuff to hook her laptop up to the tv so we could watch the show together. SO she got mad that this never happened but she never once mentioned it to me?

After reading this, I texted her addressing every single point she made. I wanted to clear everything up and be nice while doing it. I basically corrected her but apologized for the misunderstanding, and really just tried to kill her with kindness. We ended up just having a normal conversation, “making up”, and wishing each other a happy holidays.

After that I was gone for all of winter break. I actually had to drive back Monday morning because it snowed really hard at home and I was hoping it would melt by then, but my car got stuck and I ended up taking my dad’s truck. I decided that this was a new semester and I was going to be nicer and try to make amends with her. I started a new diet, so I offered her a bunch of food that I could no longer eat that was new. I always offered to get her anything whenever I went out, and cleaned all the time.

Of course I was under the impression everything was good. But then, one weekend I forgot to take out our trash. Every friday night I would take out the trash because I was always going somewhere. I forgot to one week and she freaked out on me, leaving sticky notes that I needed to take it out or she was going to take away our trash can (???). This didn’t make any sense to me so I left it and see if she would actually take it out for once. And she didn’t she just took away the entire trash can.