So we are almost up to date on my story. Basically as I mentioned in the last post she just took away the trash can. So I just went out and bought one. This made no sense to me because now she definitely has to take her trash out herself, assuming it  is in her room or something. Ever since this she has just been doing small petty things to get on my nerves. She blocked me on all social media, snapchat, and text. She recently has been turning the heat up to 85 all the time, even though when we moved in we agreed we both always liked it cool. She purposely makes a mess in the kitchen then leaves a rude sticky note saying that I need to clean it up. And just yesterday I came home to see that she took all my dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, and then started it. It’s little things like this that are just driving me up the wall lately. I always wonder if she has anything better to do with her time, and why I have to always be the bigger person when she is 21.

However, there is sort of a good ending to this story. She is moving out in June. I will be going home to work right after finals, so in two weeks I will never really see her anymore. However, I either plan on being there when she moves out, or just putting all my stuff in my room before I leave because she has had a tendency to steal my things in the past. In August, my bestest friend from home will be moving into her room and we both are so excited. I can’t wait to have a roommate that I am already close with, and can actually decorate with. And she can’t wait to get away from her crazy living situation at the moment.

I guess the moral of my story is to either A. don’t meet your roommate on Facebook, B. if you do, at least get to know them before you sign the lease, or C. just room with someone you already know.