Blog Post #1 Don’t Worry Be Happy

In the first four weeks of this course I thoroughly enjoyed the material that was presented to us and how we had different people who specialized in each section of what we learned , and they taught us about that specific topic.  I really loved how all of the material in the first four weeks correlated with each other , it was like building blocks each piece of information that we learned helped build upon what we had already learned about.

For example the flourishing or languishing survey showed us what our current mental state  was and whether were flourishing or languishing, while nature v. nurture showed us how are behaviors and mental states are influenced by both genetics and our environment. The section on depression and anxiety showed us the types of mental states and how it can affect our happiness , while the VIA survey showed us what personality traits and behaviors we were strong in. Positive psychology shined a light on how to deal with all of these things and to stay positive and be happy.

With me taking three psychology classes in past a lot of this information was more intriguing than surprising , but what did surprise me was that since last year I had taken a personality test and a VIA survey and this year my results were  somewhat different. That really surprised me because I have felt the same since my first time taking those surveys. The most meaningful part of this course so far was positive psychology and anxiety and depression. They really meant a lot to me because with some of the experiences I had to go through in life it was hard to stay positive and happy, for the most part I was either very nervous or depressed, but with each bit of information learned or the activities we did for those two topics it helped me tremendously. I have learned my strengths and virtues , how to stay positive and many new strategies to release that anxiety and to help with depression.

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  1. finding out what my strengths and weaknesses are from the surveys came out to be a bit of a surprise to me but nevertheless interested me enough to think about it to see if i could figure out if certain things were valid.

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