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“Previous research indicates there is a positive relationship between hours of television viewing and adult obesity). For example, a cross-sectional study of overweight and obesity in Australia found a strong effect of television viewing time on two measures of obesity – BMI and waist circumference – in both men and women, after adjusting for physical activity and other risk factors.”

Association between commercial television exposure and fast-food consumption among adults” by Maree Scully caught my attention to be used as a source. The author explored the link between television advertising exposure and adults’ consumption of fast foods through telephone survey and questionnaire to measure accurate data.

The Author suggested that increasing exposure to television food commercial has definite relationship with fast-food consumption. In her experiment, people who watched fast food advertisement for 3 hours in a day were more likely to consume fast food for their meals than people who watched for one hour per day. Therefore, time spent watching commercial television was positively associated with the obesity or other health issues.

I believe I need another source that has more specific information about what factor in advertisement stimulate people to eat fast food.

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  1. That is an interesting study, however correlation does not mean causation. Just because they watched fast food advertisments doesn’t exactly mean thats the reason why they went out to buy fast food. You should definitely find more sources but it looks like you’re going in the right direction

  2. I have often seen projects and papers similar to your topic, but I’m never able to full understand a lot about it. Your nugget really helped me understand and know more.

  3. I think the idea is somewhat similar to mine in how it has to do with how they advertise. But i definitely thnk its cool topic to look up and true because whenever i see any commercial with good looking food i instantly get hungry lol!

  4. I agree with @luongts, correlation does not mean causation but it is definitely something you can incorporate in your final inquiry project or find more info on!

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