You Make the Call!

I guess two of my blog sites don’t really dispute against each other literally, but there are questions raised whether if children are the focus group compared to the ethnic group of people targeted by fast food commercials. In my opinion, focusing down on the ethnic group of targets, is a bit more specific than focusing on children. Furthermore, in this case race can be a subtopic within the topic of “children.” The picture presents the two articles put on trial, to see which side is worth more. Given that both of the arguments made in the articles are somewhat related, the picture references the similar type of the substance, in this case, representing the argumentative point. However; it can be clearly seen that gold is worth more than just silvers, due to the fact that the weighing scale leaned more closely towards the specific argument.

You Make the  Call!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.28.13 AM

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