Webby Bliss

1. This is video of Carl’s Jr. commercials that were once showed on TV. In these commercials, sexy women who wear bikinis/short tight clothes eat juicy hamburgers in a seducing way or sometimes lick sauces. A model in one of the commercials washes a car showing her attractive body, although there is no relation between car wash and a hamburger. We can see how fast food company show sexualized commercials in order to sell more of their products.


2. This picture shows the difference between hamburgers portrayed in commercials/web advertisements and the actual hamburgers we see in reality.


3. I found it interesting how including toys to the hamburger also can be very effective to make children to eat/ buy their products.

4. This article is about how Coca Cola launches anti-obesity advertisement and attempts to promote less sugary drinks.

5. I found a webpage that  promote living healthy life. I clicked the “eat healthy” category and it explains how to balance nutritions and hot to prevent obesity..etc.


I do not really see any posts that I could comment on, but this blogger wrote about how controversy the SeaWorld is. I like how she attached News to explain different perspective on this incident (for ex, audiences, trainers, directors..etc.) and I think it is the most webby thing that she found. I think she need to upload one more media to meet the requirement of this assignment.



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