Concept Experience: FIP Geolocation!

In the first blog, one of the doctors suggest that “our best advice to parents is to switch their child to commercial-free TV programming to help avoid pestering for foods seen in commercials.” This was because, no matter what the food industries promise on, it will be just mostly empty words. The companies like McDonalds or Burger King did agree to promote more of a healthier food; however, they lacked commitment in their promises. The argument is very similar in a way that we agree on the same point that fast food companies tend to promote obesity and target children.

Second blog talks about how the companies target children as well; however, the interesting twist here is that, the fast food companies are targeting a specific ethnic group. Fast food companies have shown to really target African American and Hispanic children to promote their food and obesity. It kind of differs from mine as this blog focused on a specific race/ethnic group rather than just advertisement promoting obesity.

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