Social Media and Social Justice: Inquiry Project Post #2

Before starting this class, I knew that I would have to write a lengthy paper and I was worried because I couldn’t think of anything I would enjoy writing about enough. The projects I’ve done for this course so far have alleviated that fear and have really helped me formulate a strong idea about what I want to write about.

I found that the collaborative interest project helped greatly while trying to generate new ideas for my inquiry project. It was nice to see that some others tend to think the same way I do. Being able to read through other students’ thoughts allowed me to both formulate new ideas and view the ideas I already had from a different perspective. I elaborate more on my thoughts about this experience here.

In addition to helping me better understand the ideas presented in Man-Computer Symbiosis,  the concept experience this week also helped me think more about the topic for my inquiry project. While deciding on a place to start my research, I came up with quite a few possible research questions for my inquiry project. Doing the concept experience also helped me learn more about my topic and decide if it was something I wanted to explore further. My concept experience post elaborates on my experience.

Since my inquiry project from week one, I’ve been interested in the way social media has shaped me as an individual and it would be interesting to know more about the way it could change other people’s attitudes (or not).

I ‘m very interested in campaigns for social justice, equality and human rights (something that Morgan researched for her concept experience). I think these topics encompass some of the most important ideas of our time and shine a light on very important problems that our generation will have to solve. They are topics that I have a passion for and would love to spend time writing about and researching.  Because of these reasons, the focus of my inquiry project will explore the ways in which social media affects issues concerning social justice.

3 thoughts on “Social Media and Social Justice: Inquiry Project Post #2”

  1. What kind of social justice? You’ll have to narrow as you research. What are your current suspicions about social media’s role in social justice? ? I’m remembering a tumblr — feminism discussion I read on someone’s comment thread (was it yours?).
    You’ll have to begin your research this week, so it will be interesting to see what social issue you choose to begin studying.

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