Sampling Roden’s Soundwalk

00:22 -The overall repeating high pitched sounds that play throughout the entire piece

I’d sample this for the dramatic/eerie feeling. I’d probably re purpose it in a way to work with & support another prevalent sound. What really draws me to this is how stretched out it makes me feel, it’s meter really strings you along and pulls you with the sound. It doesn’t let you decide if you’re getting on board, it takes you regardless.

6:28 – 7:47 the static sorta snorkeling sound, sounds like someone underwater

I liked how this sound subtly creeps in, growing, falling & rising back up to grab your attention. These little notes really influence the overall suspense of the sounds together. It doesn’t play for the entire duration, but  makes worthy notes that add to the collective experience.

10:47 – 11:22 the buzzing, sounds like a robotic bug or something.

I think this along with the snorkeling sound does a good job of grabbing attention, standing in the spotlight without being the center sound…if that makes sense. Like you hear that pitchy/eerie sound in playing throughout, but these moments of sound evokes presence. You notice it right away, it’s hard to ignore.

One thought on “Sampling Roden’s Soundwalk

  1. high pitched element – what other “prevalent sounds” would you image this element being set against? what exactly you do mean by “prevalent sounds”?

    “sound evokes presence” – this a great idea that could flesh further as the central thesis to a bigger paper.

    How might these sounds, and the descriptions you’ve provided connection to traditional musical ideas of melody, rhythm, or harmony?
    Things we’ll discuss in the coming weeks.

    Nicely done.

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