So I was doing some thinking about the pearls, which led me to the question of what pearls represent in general. So hear is what I found:

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. In the Roman Empire they stood for wealth and prosperity. They are often associated with the moon, and have been described as the tears of gods. They are connected to chines dragons as well. If this interests you, I got most of this info here.

Side note- My birthday is in June, and the birthstone for June is the pearl. This always kinda annoyed me, because pearls are not actually stones, though they are considered gems.



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2 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. I feel you with the whole cheated-by-arbitrary-month-assignments thing. My zodiac sign is the only inanimate object (Libra) in the bunch and I’ve always had a slight resentment about that since all the others are a cool person/creature

  2. I wonder if pearls have any significant symbolism to the feminine? You say they are connected with the moon, which is general found as a more feminine astral body, but I would be curious to know. Mollusks of that sort, clams, oysters, etc. all tend to be associated with fertility in a Indo-European context.

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