Week 4: Google Classroom Activity

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The SOL that I centered my lesson around is the fifth grade science SOL, 5.5:

SOL 5.5

The student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of one or more cells and have distinguishing characteristics that play a vital role in the organism’s ability to survive and thrive in its environment.

Key concepts include:

  1. a)  basic cell structures and functions;
  2. b)  classification of organisms using physical characteristics, body structures, and behavior of the organism; and
  3. c)  traits of organisms that allow them to survive in their environment

For my initial activity, I split it up into three parts. For the first part, I have a list of 12 vocabulary terms that I have listed for my students to copy down in their science notebooks. After writing down each term, I have listed two links to two separate videos on the cell structure and its functions. I told my students to watch both while taking notes during each one. After filling in all of the vocabulary terms as best as they can, I have a fifteen question quiz for them to complete to make sure that they were following directions. I am allowing them to use their notes in hopes that they followed directions and took notes. This activity should be able to show me how well each student in my class is retaining the information on the cell structure and its functions. I will know that each one of my students have reached success when they all score a passing score on the quiz at the end of the assignment. I believe that including both a written portion, as well as a technological portion, of the assignment helps cover all bases during a specific lesson and is the optimal way to teach the content. Not only are my students writing their own notes, but they are also able to see and hear what they are writing as well.

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