Week 5: Google Classroom Activity

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For my google classroom assignment this week, I chose to use the first grade science SOL. I am targeting SOL 1.7 which focuses on earth patterns, cycles, and changes.

SOL 1.7:

The student will investigate and understand weather and seasonal changes. Key concepts include:

  1. a)  changes in temperature, light, and precipitation affect plants and animals, including humans;
  2. b)  there are relationships between daily and seasonal changes; and
  3. c)  changes in temperature, light, and precipitation can be observed andrecorded over time.

The assignment consists of six different parts. For the first part, I have my students watching two videos on the four seasons. I included both a video of someone reading aloud a book on the four seasons and a video that sings a song about the seasons. I felt as if both a song and a story would help the content stick more efficiently for most. For the second part, I created a discussion post that targets what they just watched in the seasons videos. I will have my students draw a picture of their favorite season and write a five sentence long paragraph about their picture. The third part of the activity I will have my students watching another video, but this one is on the weather patterns, changes, and characteristics. After watching this video, my students have another discussion post to complete. This one is on the weather patterns and characteristics. I have them dividing their paper into four sections and drawing another set of pictures. They have things they are supposed to draw and then label in regards to what season affiliates with the drawing. On the back, they are supposed to draw and describe what a weatherman uses to check the temperature outside and then they have four questions to answer underneath. After they have finished the fourth part of the activity, they then have a short game to play before taking the assessment at the end of the activity. I am assessing the learning objectives using the quiz at the end, which will allow me to see which students have mastered the concepts and which are still struggling with certain topics. I tried to incorporate a multitude of resources, such as: a game, videos, drawings, etc, to help my students engage in the lesson as best as possible. I hope that all of the resources I have used will help target all of the learning styles in my class. The technology used for this assignment consists of the youtube videos and the game that they have to play. They will also be using technology to complete the quiz and upload their pictures to the discussion postings. The pedagogy will focus on how well I teach the lesson to my students. The resources I provide for my students will be beneficial, but I have also thought about adding a powerpoint presentation into google classroom that focuses on the SOL. I figured that after reviewing the quiz results, I will have a better understanding of what needs to be re-addressed in class and that will help me make the presentation. The content will stem off of the SOL that is being targeted.

One thought on “Week 5: Google Classroom Activity

  1. Hey Kaila,
    Your lesson was great! The incorporation of videos, songs, games and discussions teaches the content in many different ways that can be very beneficial to young students especially when learning virtually. One thing I think I would change or think about is the game, I messed around with it and noticed that even if you dress the character completely wrong (flip flops, shorts and a short sleeve shirt in the winter) it does not correct you and still says “Good Job”. They may lead to students getting confused about some information so that may not be the best choice to use virtually. It could be good to use in a classroom setting however, when you can stop and talk about it with the students.
    The assessment was also great. It did a good job at assessing the information that was given throughout the lesson. It incorporated multiple choice and short answer which is also good. One question on there could be a little tricky if students are familiar with weather balloons because they too are a tool to measure temperature outside, not just a thermometer.
    Overall, It was a great lesson to use virtually and it was very clear and easy to access all the different tools!

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