Week 5: Assessment and Technology

After my students have completed the reading on assessment and technology, I would have my students fill out a worksheet/study guide that summarizes the information they have just read. This will be an assessment, as I will collect each paper at the end to see how well they were able to retain the information from the article. I will have my students start off the worksheet by explaining the difference between summative and formative assessments. I will then have them write a scenario about when they would use each one. They will need to note that summative assessments are taken as a large group, such as a whole grade level, school district, or even state. They will also need to have stated that formative assessments are given frequently throughout a unit to assess how well students are picking up information as we go. After that section, I will then have them elaborate on how to use assessment to support learning. I will make sure that they have at least three examples of how. For example, I would explain that as a teacher, I would use the assessments I give in class as a guide on how I would develop my lessons, the learning environment, and the engagement inside of the classroom. I would have another question on the worksheet asking them to elaborate on one particular technology-based assessment and how they would utilize that in a classroom. For example, I would choose to write about graphic responses and how I would use that as an assessment tool inside of my classroom with my students. For the last question on the worksheet, I would have my students pick one general idea to elaborate on. They can choose from: how technology measures competencies, how it provides feedback, how it increases accessibility, or how it is embedded within the learning process. I want to be able to see that my students understand how technology is beneficial to assessment inside of the classroom and that is why I want them to be able to elaborate on each and every question on the worksheet given. This worksheet will be considered an assessment tool because it will show me who understands the connection between assessment and technology and who needs a little bit more knowledge on the topic.

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