Week 6: Google Classroom Assessment Activity

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The second grade VA History and Social Sciences SOL states that:

The standards for second-grade students include an introduction to the lives of Americans and their contributions to the United States as well as the heritage of the American Indians, past and present. Students should continue developing map skills and demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts. The students will identify selected American individuals who have worked to improve the lives of American citizens. The students will recognize that the United States is a land of people who have diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions, who make contributions to their communities, and who are united as Americans by common principles.

For this activity, we are focusing on the geography section of the second grade SOL. The geography SOL I have centered my activity around is SOL 2.6 which states:

2.6  The student will develop map skills by using globes and maps of the world and the United States to locate

  1. a)   the seven continents and the five oceans;
  2. b)   the equator, the Prime Meridian, and the four hemispheres; and
  3. c)   major rivers, mountain ranges, lakes, and other physical features in the United States.

 Our activity is centered around labeling the seven continents and five oceans while also being able to decipher between each of the different ones.

The technology being used:

For this activity, I have created both an interactive powerpoint presentation for each of my students to complete, as well as an online “quiz” that they will take. On the powerpoint activity,  I have included two links to two different videos to review. I have also included two maps that my students will drag and label with. Map 1 is focused primarily on the seven continents and map 2 is focused on the five oceans. After they have sorted and labeled both of the maps, they have another video to watch and they will be asked to type three facts that they learned from that video. After completing everything on the interactive powerpoint, they are then able to take the “quiz” that is also posted on google classroom.

What elements of “next generation” are being used: 

The elements I am using from “next generation” are:

  • Timing is embedded in learning

While students are watching videos and reviewing over the information that was taught, they are also completing formative assessments embedded throughout the slides.

  • Universally designed accessibility

The students are not limited to only one form of question types. They have short answers, matching, and multiple choice questions in their assessment assignments.

  • Real-Time feedback: 

The quiz on google classroom shows what questions each individual student got wrong as soon as they have completed the quiz.

  • Enhanced item types

There are more than just one kind of question on both of these assessment type assignments.

Linda Darling-Hammond’s Influence: 

She influenced the choices I made on how to go about making an assessment for my students mainly from her approach to test-related stress. I feel as if formative assessments are becoming more and more interactive, fun, and engaging due to the emphasis on test anxiety and stress. I tried to make both of my assessment related activities as engaging and fun as possible, simply because I do not want to make my students feel as if they are constantly taking assessments each and every time a formative assessment is administered. I tried to keep the word “quiz” out of my directions as much as possible so that my students do not think this is a strenuous and extremely serious task to complete. This is where test-related stress and anxiety comes into play. Due to the emphasis on just how bad test-related stress and anxiety can be for students, one of the main goals while making this assignment was to sway more away from the seriousness of assessments and focus more on the fun of learning new things.

Formative Assessment: 

My assessment(s) were designed to be formative. These activities are meant to be given during the unit that is being taught. As a teacher, I want to be able to know how well each and every one of my students are retaining the information I am teaching them. I have included the videos to help them gather last minute information before completing both the matching assessments and the quiz. I set my activity up this way so that it shows that each assessment is embedded within the lesson. Formative assessments are a great way to see student progress throughout the unit, in opposed to the “final result” that summative tests are centered upon. I tried to make these two assessment-based assignments as fun, and as laid back, as possible while still being able to collect student data on how they are doing during this particular unit.

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  1. Great assessment! I like how the in the slides you gave the students a reminder song to help them remember and being specific about the order you want the assessments should be taken in. It covers your learning objective (i.a) well and the form gives immediate feedback.

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