Skills, Dispositions, Insights & Obstacles

So far we are preparing to write/finish our argumentative essay for this class and these are some of the area that touches while working on the project.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”


This class made me to really “think” alot.  For example through lot of readings we did in class, I felt very small/timid with the materials because they were such a big topic with very complex words/syntax which I wasn’t really familiar with. I guess this class really challenged me to think deeper/critically and the cool thing was that I seem to enjoy discovering these thoughts and ideas shared by other great ones. The more I read, the more fascinated I was with the readings and made me question/think more.  So I would like to say I somewhat widened the depth of thinking and developed to think to a greater degree. And I have to comment on these readings that people like Engelbart and others with their minds and ideas just mesmerized me and actually influenced me to work harder.


Honestly, I haven’t really matured in developing some of these important characters in me. However, If I can slowly mold myself into them, it would definitely help me later in the future where ever I am. To be consistent, be motivated, be ambitious in what you are doing and overall improving yourself to be a better person.


Through lot of readings in this class, which specifically geared towards the web/internet, I gained more insights and widened my perspective as the user of the web and how it greatly affects the social/educational/political, almost every aspect of the world.


The obstacles I had with this class was not so much actually. Yes it was confusing at first, not knowing where all this work would lead but eventually it led to one direction, towards doing a research paper. I thought the biggest problem was not with the class but with myself the most. Being a procrastinator and not managing my time well. I would have to be more focused in doing my job in this class.


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