Hello all. I just wanted to share the link to my final project. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make it work and after many google sites, medium accounts, tumblr posts and ram pages blog themes, I finally got the look that I wanted to have for my page. So here… Read More

“I always wanted to know as much as possible”   An “oceanic mind” what a convenient title; it goes well with my header image. Tonight I was watching the interview our instructor Dr. Campbell recorded with Ted Nelson. I have to be honest, I never watched it fully before. I started to watch it because I… Read More

Today we all presented our topics to the class. I has a presentation but we ran out of time and I could not show it to you guys. I just wanted to share the most interesting slides with you 🙂       Also… a bunch of interesting sites you should check out ! http://www.newmedialiteracies.org/… Read More

Hello world.  I just wanted to tell you that the life is being sucked out of me. I have eye bags under my eye bags. My eyes hurt and my sleeping schedule is being reduced to barely existent. Anyways, I am doing my best and I am investing a lot of time and energy for this class… Read More

Hello all. Today I was reminded of that class when we watched a short clip of someone going over the changes that a Wikipedia article suffered over the years. I received an email today letting me know that I got the position of set dresser in a video shooting next week.  The department of Cinema… Read More

Participatory Culture Real Life (Personal) Example   Today I was trying to get as much information as I could gather for my final project. I tried to organize my notes. I read a lot from different sources and I also watched videos. What helped me the most were the videos that I found on YouTube.… Read More

Such a lovely Friday doing nothing but homework, what a beautiful way of spending my break <3 I set the goal to finish most of my papers today. I can tell you that I set my expectations (quite) to high this time. But anyways, I felt like I really needed to share with you guys… Read More

This is a post with pictures I took today. It’s Thurday and it’s Thanksgiving. I went out today. I knew that there was going to be empty streets around where I live. I woke up at 2 pm. Kind of late. I cried myself to sleep last night to Little Dragon and Of Monsters and… Read More

So, I decided to make this post to show the world the things that keep me distracted from my homework. I should really, really focus on my final projects, but I have zero inspiration for that. Instead, I waste my time trying to put in a frame whatever I see every day. The follow are… Read More

Last Friday, almost a week ago, I was going to blog about my progress on my final project. Sadly, there was none. But I had a conversation that helped me to get my project narrowed down to an specific topic. I also had some kind of revelation in the words that I heard. I wasn’t… Read More