Why is my page like this? Well, when I first created the blog I was not satisfied with the default theme of it. I looked through the options and I chose this one because I liked that it let you put a big image as a header. I decided to put a nice big picture I took a few years ago, a picture of the so called “bokeh” effect.


“Bokeh nights”

I was pleased with it but I received feedback letting me know that it was hard to read the text with such image as the background of the blog. I decided to look for something else but I did not find any image on the web that I liked enough to put them as a background. Then I thought about finding another picture that could allow the reader to do its job easier. And I found a picture of the sea with almost pastel sky tones and I decided to go with it because the camera files are so big they can fit the whole screen and background of the blog. (I guess this is also my way to share my own work and pictures with anyone that visits my blog). Then, I zoomed and enlarged the picture of a breaking wave and put it on as a header.


Punta Cometa, in Mazunte, Oaxaca.

The title of my blog has changed a lot during this course (maybe some of you had noticed it). The first thing it was called was “Superfast Jellyfish” a song by Gorillaz I happened to be listening at that moment. I usually change the name if I am listening to a song I like very much. The current title belongs to the song “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)” by Arcade Fire. It literally means “On the other side of the water”. The tag line, contrastingly, has never been changed. It means “It is now 5 hours zero eight minutes”. I decided to leave that one steady because I like it a lot.  My blog as a whole has an ocean oriented theme because I like the motif very much. And I think it is more readable now, if you don’t believe so, please let me know and I’ll change it (:

Thanks for reading !


Current background image


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