I’ve been looking for sources that may be helpful to my inquiry project and I found an article from a News chain that may be helpful. It discusses the changing from film to digital mainly for cinema theaters and their projections of the movies.  The nugget I picked is the following:


“We still call them “motion pictures,” but a name that once referred to a series of still images being run through a projector at 24 frames per second is now been adapted for digital play. What was once chemical and mechanical is now electronic and computer-rendered: a series of JPEGs being riffled through a drive.” Todd Leopold


This was my favorite passage from the lecture. I realized that this explains a lot from what I have in mind for my final inquiry project. It talks about the transition from what was once done for movies and how  it is now. I find a similarity with the authors we have read in this class and their works, (or may I say, the dreamers?). They once wrote in their texts imagining the future, and the things that would make a change in people’s lives for the best. Things that would help people and make their lives easier, the same  things are going to change in the future, and mapping the ideas of those changes are one thing that any movie lover or filmmaker can have in their minds. It’s part of the inventive, creative, innovative and imaginative personality or attribution of their minds. The dreamers and any filmmaker have more in common than we can think about.Some of the ideas that they share are:

  • The desire to make a social impact.
  • The enthusiasm for how technological advances can facilitate and make things better.
  • Technology each time more accessible for everyone (and everyone’s benefit).
  • Social integration and communication. Social voices, participation and diffusion of visual information.
  • Movies and film are also a medium of communication. Media that transmits ideas.



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One comment on “Movies and dreams

  • I found your source to be quite interesting and it is true how similar it was to most of the authors we read about in class. I was particularly curious of how you mentioned about the dreamers and filmmakers have more in common than we think. This could be a great idea for your inquiry since I, as a reader, was intrigued by the ideas that you mentioned. Looking forward to reading more about it.

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