“Over the longer term, Internet service providers will need to improve their infrastructure to support 4K streaming. Today, broadband is fast and reliable enough—the average speed in the U.S. is now more than six megabits per second, and fiber connections can be even faster—for Netflix to deliver full-HD movies. Analysts estimate that 4K streaming will demand more than three times current speeds, at least 20 megabits per second on average. But that level of service is coming. South Korea already has a working one-gigabit-per-second fiber-optic network, and Google is currently testing a similar network in Kansas City. When that happens, viewers will not only have brilliant theater-quality screens; they’ll have an entire, instant 4K library to go with them.” (By Al Griffin, 2012)


This was another nugget that I wanted to work on, before. I put it in my notes. I find it interesting and informative. This high definition streaming is already a reality, it is happening in online services like Netflix, HULU, Amazon and more… What I would like to know though, and that’s why I am keeping it short this time, I would like to ask my readers, if any of you do own a super HD 4k TV??? 


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