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A guy enters a room, it looks like a party is going on and there are people around, chatting, he comes in and starts talking about the new technologies of cinema, he talks about the DCP. The people around listen and join the discussion. Some extracts of the conversation are:

What is Digital Cinema Package?
DCP is a collection of digital files used to store and convey Digital Cinema audio, image, and data streams (Wikipedia). A DCP is usually made up of large MXF (Material Exchange Format) and XML files.


Since 2008, Sony Pictures has released a handful of 4K movies, including The Green Hornet and Moneyball, and Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Paramount have also begun transitioning to dedicated 4K shooting. Meanwhile, the first consumer-grade 4K displays are just starting to come out. Sony and JVC introduced the first 4K home-theater projectors last September. LG says it will launch a 4K flat-panel LCD by next year, and Toshiba is likely to follow suit. (Source)


Digital Cinema Projection systems replace the traditional film projector with a computerized server playing a digital copy of the movie to a digital projector. Sony’s 4K system has a resolution of 4096 pixels by 2160 pixels, which is four times the amount of the more common 2K systems in place at many theaters equipped with Digital Cinema Projection systems. To give you a comparison, a 4K system results in a picture containing 8.8 million pixels. A 2K system has 2.2 million pixels, and your home HDTV has either 2.1 million (1080p) or 922,000 (720p) pixels” (Scott Jentsch)


Even though that business is getting tougher as different mediums fight for attention spans, hopefully cheaper digital cinema projectors, like the still unreleased RED projector, or one of the many Sony projectors, will give rise to a new golden age of independent film, where the selection of films at the local theater can be as varied and independently-minded as we want them to be. (Source)


“High-resolution pictures are nothing new but they got lost for a little bit until our company came along,” he continued. “Modern technology applied to this industry has increased picture quality dramatically while lowering prices and making it more democratic for filmmakers, from the biggest to the smallest.” (Source)


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Hashtag Engelbart: more efficiency and for everyone’s favor. “We can begin developing powerful and economically feasible augmentation systems on the basis of what we now know and have”.

Hashtag Nelson: new ways of doing things. Break from traditional patterns. Different mediums and ways to tell things

Hashtag Kay/Goldberg:  “programming”, and being creative at the same time. “When given the right tools, people can do anything”.



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