So, I decided to make this post to show the world the things that keep me distracted from my homework. I should really, really focus on my final projects, but I have zero inspiration for that. Instead, I waste my time trying to put in a frame whatever I see every day.

The follow are pictures I’ve taken during the past weeks, and some editing too. I don’t expect any kind of feedback, I am insecure enough to know that you won’t like them or won’t find them special. It’s cool. I just thought that you deserved to at least see why I am not posting too lately.


Bernardo’s Eyes





(Please click on the waves picture and see the cool effect closely)



La Lune April 21

La Lune




Negative Current Events




Lazlo Was Drunk




Take something beautiful, like a flower, and just make it flat and standard, produce it in massive quantities and take away its special value




The only reason I came here



I’m hating what I’m feeling but I’m so foolishly attracted to you



Bitter Moon – Zulu Winter






35 mm


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