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Today I was trying to get as much information as I could gather for my final project. I tried to organize my notes. I read a lot from different sources and I also watched videos. What helped me the most were the videos that I found on YouTube. However,  as the number of open tabs became bigger and bigger, I decided to take a break and I went on different webpages of brands I like.

As many of you know, on Black Friday many websites are packed with discounted items for the day. I decided to check some of my favorite stores and see if they had something good to buy. I looked around the UO’s apartment section (my favorite section they have so many cool items) and surfing around the webpage I found a Snoopy Hot Dog maker. 

I love snoopy. It was just too tempting to acquire this item. I loved it when I saw it on the webpage. I would love to own it. I sent the link to one of my friends to share with her my discovery and she send me back a link with the Snoopy Ice cone Maker she found.

I read the reviews and they were all saying that the quality of the product was awful. They also compare it and mention that in the 70’s or the 80’s there was a toy like that. For some reason I searched for it on Youtube and I found the original add. The next video was someone using the actual toy. I found it very helpful since the reviews I read were all negative and in the video the toy seemed to work just fine. Because it was cheaper and cute, it almost made me consider to buy it.  And suddenly, something happened, I saw in the suggested videos one that happened to discuss the Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster.

After watching the video I thought, “Hmm, this is a nice example of what participatory culture – and fandom- is about. I’m going to include it in my project”. And so I wrote this, to illustrate to you and give you an example of how someone somewhere thought about making a review on the Snoopy Hot Dog maker and put it out there on Youtube for people to see it. I happened to watch it and it influenced me on my decision. The person who created this video seems to be very clearly part of the fan culture that appreciates and collects items of what he has taste for. Participatory culture and Fandoms seem to go hand in hand. They are concepts that usually relate to one and other.  For what I have read and watched so far on participatory culture and fan culture, I feel like this video is a clear example of this topic.


Anyways, after all this thinking I am not going to get the Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster because it seems too expensive for what it is…

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