Hello all. Today I was reminded of that class when we watched a short clip of someone going over the changes that a Wikipedia article suffered over the years.

I received an email today letting me know that I got the position of set dresser in a video shooting next week.  The department of Cinema is making it for somebody else, I think. Anyways, I really do not know what my job consists of so when I looked at the words “set dresser” I decided to type them in the Google search bar. What I got was a link to Wikipedia. I clicked on it and I read the article.

It was surprisingly short and it did not contain any external sources. I got curious and I clicked on the “View History” tab (which I learn to do in this class). It was a surprise to see that not many changes have been made on the article since the first version in 2005.

Maybe it is because there is not much to day about the job, or maybe because there hasn’t been famous set dressers yet. Maybe one day this article would have more information and external sources.

Anyways, that was my real life personal example of today that connected to my life and this course.


I hope everyone is doing well and near to finish their final projects. Good vibes to everyone <3

One comment on “Wikipedia Example

  • Very cool. I challenge you to add something to the article, if only a sentence or a reference or two. Make the world a little better, and help out the next inquiring set dresser!

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